Editorial: Is The TWiT Network Turning Into Old Media?

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For me #TWiT is falling about. #MacbreakWeekly is more of a  #PixelCorps commercial. Alex Lindsay Show. You’d think #Leo would take mac tips&tricks when there’s no breaking #Apple news. Instead Leo talks about #Google or #Samsung, #Android on a show suppose to be about Macs.  


I’m happy there’s a new trend in media exemplified by Tom Merritt leaving the TWiT Network and going out on his own. Tom Merritt along with other tech journalists are creating their own spaces. Hooking up with DiamondClubTV and Patreon.


Leo can continue talking anything but Mac/Apple on Macbreak Weekly without me. I wasted too many hours waiting for Leo and the other hosts to get back to talking about the freaking topic in the title of the presentation. Sometimes if you didn’t know the name of the presentation and just joined in you’d never from the conversations that it’s a presentation about Mac/Apple. I’m certainly done.


The last straw came for me when the whole show was about PixelCorp and Alex Lindsey. Might as well change the name of the presentation to alert people to the fact that perhaps maybe on occasion this show might cover Mac/Apple topics. I think there’s a lawsuit here to be filed under false advertisement in the title of this presentation. 


It seems Leo’s idea of transforming TWiT into a news organization is to read other people’s websites on air. WoW. Such innovation. You need an in-house news director to read other people’s websites? I never liked the Tech News presentation. However Tom Merritt did keep the presentation moving along at a good pace. 


What do you think? 


Is the TWiT network still working for you? I’d be interest in your point of view.




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