U.S. Law and the History of English Common Law

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In the U.S., we don’t follow Mosaic Law.  We don’t execute homosexuals or adulterers; we don’t execute people who work on Sunday; we don’t execute kids who curse their parents; we don’t allow slavery; we don’t stone people to death, we don’t sacrifice goats and sheep when we invoke the Fifth Amendment, and we don’t call priests when we find mildew in our homes, as required by the law of the Bible.  If there’s any similarity of our laws to the Mosaic laws, it’s only because all societies arrive at similar laws (just try to find a society that doesn’t have a law equivalent to the 8th Commandment).

Mosaic law contains elements that are extremely foreign to us.  For instance, Mosaic Law #1 prohibits honoring any other god but Yahweh.  U.S. law has no equivalent.  Mosaic Law #2 prohibits making pictures of birds and fish.  U.S. law has no equivalent.  Mosaic Law #3 prohibits any misuse of Yahweh’s name.  U.S. law has no equivalent.  According to Mosaic Law, it’s fine to have slaves, so long as you follow the laws regarding slaves.  Want to marry a virgin?  Just go and rape her, give her father some money, and she’s all yours, according to Mosaic Law.

According to Mosaic Law, a woman cannot get married unless she’s a virgin, even if she was previously married.  But if her husband dies, her brother-in-law is supposed marry her even though she’s not a virgin (and even though he’s already married).  Mosaic law is so poorly constructed that in a number of instances, you really can’t follow the law, no matter how much you might want to.


Certain violations of the law require the violator to pony up a female sheep or goat to be sacrificed to Yahweh.  Those who can’t afford a sheep or a goat have to come up with two pigeons.  Those who can’t come up with two pigeons have to come up with two kilos of flour.  Is there a law anywhere in the U.S. that carries such a penalty?

Other violations of Mosaic Law call for punishments that we find abhorrent.  One of the more popular punishments is being stoned to death by your neighbors.  They just keep throwing rocks at you until you die.  What sort of violations call for such a cruel punishment?  Homosexuality; adultery; working on Sunday.  In the U.S., we have capital punishment, but we certainly don’t execute people who work on Sunday, as required by Mosaic Law.


Imagine this: imagine that the good people of Roy Moore’s town decide to implement Mosaic law.  Suppose they find a couple of homosexuals packing fudge and they stone them to death in public.  Guess what?  The good people of Roy Moore’s town are going to find themselves in a courtroom, charged with violating the real law.

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