Beck: Romeike Case Orchestrated To Serve As A Precedent To Outlaw Homeschooling In America

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As Brian mentioned earlier, Religious Right activists are furious that the Supreme Court has denied an appeal by a German family seeking asylum in the United States on the grounds that Germany does no

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

WoW, Christian hypocrisy knows no bounds. Christians claim that their God can’t feed starving children or house the homeless because it would interfere with our free will. Yet douchebag Glenn Beck and others are giving their god credit for intervening on behalf of a German Family seeking asylum in the USA. 


Talking out both sides of their mouths, using doublethink, are the hallmarks and traits of the Christian Dominionist Teabagging Right Wing GOP Fascist Party. They are such liars, thieves & cheats. They’re raised that way from birth.

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