The Darker Side of the Christian God Concept

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 If you ask Christians to describe their quasi-chosen god of worship, you’ll often hear such descriptors as “wonderful” and “loving.” This choice of selective designation seems commonplace within the Christian community. In fact, most churches ignore the Old Testament all together so that the members feel comfortable propagating this view. Fueled by such blatant omission, this lengthy chapter will fill the void by offering a look at the volume of horrendous acts performed or directed by the darker side of God. However, you shouldn’t interpret this chapter as an attempt at an exhaustive record of every violent act attributable to God because such a review would require another book all together.

      Upon completion of reading this chapter, you should realize that God was a mass murderer among other things, often directing others to rape and kill for him. He also distributes sinister laws and explains what punishments will ensue if someone deviates from his wishes. What’s worse, the ultimate penalty for disobedience is Hell: eternal torture of unfathomable proportions. Even if we ignore the previously discussed scientific problems debunking the notion of an affiliation between divinity and the Bible, you should still feel resistance against worshipping this particular Hebrew deity after learning of the details emphasized over the next few selections.


God’s Genocidal Wrath

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