Rosa Rubicondior: Ignorance Is Strength.

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Try exchanging banter with a Christian fundamentalist on Twitter, or some other social media like the comments section on these blogs, and you very quickly discover that very many of them know next to nothing about their religion. It’s hardly surprising that few of them know anything about science either, but you really would expect them to know about the thing they constantly wave in peoples’ faces.

Take an exchange a few days ago with one such Christian. I won’t identify her because I don’t want this blog to become a vehicle for continuing things started on Twitter.

The exchange started with her asking me why I was so afraid of Christians (note the smug judgementalism). So I answered in kind with “Because of what they would do to us Atheists if only they had the power. Jesus tells you to slay his enemies.” I always try to play with a straight bat (a cricket metaphor, not a reference to the sexuality of flying mammals).

The reply was almost immediate: “Jesus did NOT say that. Where does it say that in the Bible? You’re a liar”

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