TwitLonger — A New Age is Upon Us

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@postal16 Now read the rest of your bible. especially 1 Timothy 2:12 which you just violated by teaching to me. Course you don’t care about that part of the bible obviously. You tweet & instruct freely. Christians don’t follow their own superstition yet demand others do. You’re such a poor excuse for a human being. Joyously your superstition is on the phase of Thor, Isis, Horus & pixies. Within the next 25yrs the tipping point will be reached & finally Yahweh &Yeshua will be seen as the myth they are. 

Santa, Easter Bunny, will be joined with Yahweh & Yeshua. It’s history. Which is why the Dominionist are so desperate to recapture the 7 mountains. Ain’t gonna happen sister. Truth is the way.

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