A Casserole for Fred Phelps

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I’m sending a casserole to Fred Phelps’ daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper — a person I’m proud, and somewhat befuddled, to call an old friend….

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

Here’s a Christian Propagandous trying to cover up the fact that Fred Phelps was one of the few Christian Leaders to publicly embrace the hatred and bigotry that is the Christian Satanic Superstition.


I view the U.S. Constitutions protection of religion to be overkill. Surely we should not arrest someone for what they think. Hatred & Bigotry are only harmful to others when acted upon. It can be argued that hatred & bigotry is harmful to the holder of such vile thoughts however I think none of us want to live in a society that arrest people for what they think. Yet the claims of a right to ‘religious freedom’ is not exclusive to superstition nor an exclusive privilege of superstition.


It is the right of all of us to think and have thoughts. Religious Freedom is simply ‘Freedom of Speech’ etc. Since the pilgrims fled the institution of church/state freedom of religion was singled out yet superstitious freedom is simply the freedom of anyone to think, believe and speak their mind. You can talk about murder in the abstract all life long. However we do punish actions. 


You can desire to murder gays, Witches, unruly boys however if you do murder a gay person, a person you label a Witch or unruly boys secular society will arrest you, put you on trail and if found guilty sentence you punishment.


This Christian trying to convince themselves and others that Christianity has anything but hate for humanity may fool some and may even fool themselves but only a fool would believe it. 


Christianity is a Hate Cult. Just read their manifesto of hate. Read their plans to take over the world. Read their claim that their god has a right to kill us if we will not serve and obey.


That casserole is Christianity’s equivalent to rat poisoning. 99% filler, 1% poison.


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