Your Future, Jobs and the Robots

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– Amazon Drones: has the “Wolf” just shown Up? 
– Foxconn’s 1.5m people + 1m Robots 
– Google Now and intelligent agents 
– The machine-learning gamechanger 
– Software jobs, Hardware jobs and Interface jobs 

> Mainstream Myopia——————— 

– Will Robots save the US economy and Jobs, per RIA? 
– Current Economic Law v Moore’s Law 
– Larry Summer’s Invisible Productivity? 
– Krugman and Surviving the journey from A to B 
– Falling Participation rate and the Henry Ford conumdrum. 

> Challenge & solutions ——————- 

– Reconsidering the Conventional Future 
– The China Fallacy 
– MMT and adapting the market-based economic system 

> TECH 2025 ——————————– 

– Education: from fact recall to analytic skill 
– AI Goal: Central Sentience or autonomic inteligence bot field? 
– Singularity: a bridge too far? 


The Lights in the Tunnel: Automation, Accelerating Technology and the Economy of the Future [Kindle Edition]Martin Ford (Author)



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