The Hidden Christian Agenda Against Homosexuals

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Christianity has a hidden agenda that forces it to be against Homosexuals and that is Christianity is really against sex for pleasure. Homosexuals simply  do not have sex for procreation and simply have sex for pleasure which goes against hateful Christians as everything human activity in Christianity is a sin.


Thoughts are a sin. Love is a sin. Education is a sin. Everything humanity does is a sin unless and until anointed and approved by Christianity. That’s how Fascism works. The Christian state must anoint and approve everything we do and say. 


Christian Fascism does away with secular or religious elections and elected leaders. Every leader is selected. Christian authority must anoint and appoint our leaders. Christian Fascism demands it be so. 


Fascist Christianity really doesn’t give a shit about homosexual sex for the reason claimed. Fascist Christianity war is on all human pleasure except that approved by Fascist Christian Authority. Since Homosexuals do not have sex for reproduction but rather for pleasure alone Fascist Christianity must be against it. Pleasure outside of the Fascist Christian Dogma is forbidden. Fascist Christianity has set rules for all human behavior. Sex for reproduction only is one of them. 


We must support and protect being human. We must support human activity for secular love, peace and happiness based on natural human living. No god required. 


Christians believe sin Fascist Jehovah made us we are it’s property. This is a lie. We are natural born sovereigns. The colonial revolutionary war in north America was all about this natural born sovereignty. We are born free. The only union possible is one based on our consent. 


It is time to reestablish our natural born sovereign rights which the U.S. Constitution recognizes. 


Fascist Christianity’s war on sex must end. Fascist Christianity’s war on women must end. Fascist Christianity’s war on our natural born sovereignty must end. Sex for pleasure is a legitimate human behavior. 


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