Noah’s Ark – Lucy Cousins

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The simple language and vibrant colors of Lucy Cousins’s beloved NOAH’S ARK breathe fresh life into a timeless story that has never failed to fascinate children. 

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

How sick are these Satanic Fascist Christian Fucks? They believe the killing of everyone on Earth is a Children’s Story!! A story of killing everyone on Earth is a timeless story that "never fails to fascinate children". Are these sick fucks kidding us?!? No wonder these Satanic Fascist Christians grow up to be sick fucks.


The only thing that holds them together here in the USA is our secular laws. Otherwise the United States would be worse than Iran Islamic superstition! Fortunately the United States was founded as a secular nation where our leaders are elected not selected by any Church authority. We rebelled & fought a revolution and won against Religion’s King rule of authority. 



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