6 Issues Black Professionals Face in The Workplace – Atlanta Black Star

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Nepotism and White Privilege  Structural racism and sexism within society has meant that opportunities to gain access to the “right” schools or professions has been closed to the majority of people of color for generations. Although recent gains in education and professional advancement have made rising to the top possible for some minorities and women, …

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

USA treatment of the Races by White North Americans has been selective. Cubans are given special help. Asian have also received special help. Blacks have always been held down by much of White North America. When Blacks as a group began to take hold and succeed in North America much of White Society beat, raped, tortured, and hung African Americans while the White Society Justice System refused to convict anyone who brutalized an African North American.


As a white man I am disgusted by this part of White Society. Hopefully the millennials are the generation of white tolerance, empathy, and compassion. Unfortunately, the 2008 Depression was implemented to cause people to compete for "jobs", generate hate and turn us against each other. The best way to turn against others is to base your competition on race, nationality, gender and age.

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