Editorial: Offer to Take Vegetable Scraps for Pickup..

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I’m planning to write a letter to the Editor of our local newspaper and offer to take people’s Vegetable Scraps. I plan to compost this organic matter. I’ll use it on my own garden and native plant landscape and if there’s any left over I’ll either give it away or sell it. 


I’m gonna get some ‘red wriggler’ worms to help with composting. 


It’s an idea to use as a start up extra income revenue stream. One that can be started at home in the backyard and perhaps pay your Internet and/or Smartphone bill. Composting is part of most gardening so why not help the environment too by collecting what others throw away everyday!!


Offer to pick it up for free. All you invest is your time and gas. If it grew big enough perhaps you could start local area drop off points.


Join those of us who are taking back our country by taking back our lives through wild foraging, gardening, small game hunting, digging our own water walls and learning do it yourself crafts.


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