Editorial: We Should Celebrate the Educated Young and Talented

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Why is it when a youngster can play guitar like an adult or sing better than grown up singers the public thinks it’s fucking amazing? Yet when a youngster perhaps an eight year old attends College or University they are shunned and rejected. What a lousy social convention we have hear. What’s more valuable, an individual with the potential to cure cancer or a great guitar player? Surely our society can at least give both their props. However it’s just downright insane for a society to celebrate talent over brains. 


Here’s how insane it is. A actor playing a Doctor can earn millions of dollars more than an actual Doctor!!! How is it we value fiction over reality? A surgeon saves thousands of lives by inventing a new type of procedure and the actor/actress portraying the surgeon makes more money pretending to be the surgeon than the actual surgeon makes!! WTF?!!!?


It’s time we make education a priority in our Society and stop promoting, supporting and protecting ignorance!!! It’s dangerous to continue on this path to dark ages. It’s time we give props to those who have given us the life only an educated society can give us!! 


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