John Hummel – Google+ – We did the math. Here’s how the GOP is trying to Steal Elections

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My Editorial:


Remember these people’s worldview, Christianity, demands authority that is selected not elected by WethePeople. Fascist Christianity seeks to appoint our leaders not elect them by people voting. Fascist Christianity demands their leaders be anointed and appointed by the Church! It is the King and his Court System of ole. It’s just that simple. 

The general population are surfs, servants, slaves and as such mere property. When the Koch Brothers appear everyone must bow. This is Fascist Christians. Just as there is no good KKK member or a good Nazi, there is no good Christian. If you want to live a sovereign life you can’t be a member of an organization that soul goal is to destroy the individual and assimilate individuals into the Christian collective. 

Look at idea of Heaven. Heaven is a place where a Fascist Dictator whom they must address as “God” rules total and complete. In this heaven everyone is watched 24/7/365. No one is permitted to even think an independent thought. The thought polices are everywhere!

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