Autodesk CEO ‘debunks the hype’ on 3D printing, says industrial 3D printing is the real revolution

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Autodesk, the largest producer of 3D modeling software, says improvements in software, machinery, and material science are driving an exciting new era in manufacturing.

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

You can keep believing religiously that "Jobs by Human Labor" is in our future if you want. Those who have on  to the false hope will be like the buggy whip maker. SOL:  Shit Out of Luck.


The benefits of CyberInterNetic’s doing all work including thinking and figuring out new work is that we humans will be able to get on with living our lives. However the benefits of CyberInterNetics will only be realized if we get busy building a new society where everyone shares in the abundance of the means of production. If we continue on allowing the greedy benefit from our oppression CyberInterNetics that replaces  all human labor will also allow the greedy to get rid of us in the general population as they won’t need our labor anymore!! 


So we are now at the crossroads. Will we have a future or will we allow the greedy robber barons eliminate us?


If we continue doing what we’ve always done, give our power away, the .0001% finally have their solution to eliminate us all.


It’s our choice.


Personally at this point it seems it could go either way. Time will tell.. 

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