Editorial: The Meaning of Real Life

See on Scoop.itGodless Antitheist

Christians can’t find meaning in their lives without showing themselves with the fantasy that lhey are the favorite of life & will be taken care of by Life as they are so special. roflmao. Life doesn’t give a shit. Life has lost many species & carries on. If we humans go extinct Life will continue to flourish & prosper.


If you haven’t got meaning in your Life it’s because you’re a sick fuck. And now matter how much you pretend you’re special to Life, you’re simply another form of Life’s process.


No matter how much you pretend you’re a special creature of Life’s process Life will carry on without you. Before you were born Life was continuing on. After you are dead and gone Life will continue it’s process.


So if you seek meaning to your Life stop being a whiney two year old and make your Life meaningful by sharing Life with all forms of Life. If your life has no real meaning that’s on you. Pretending a God thinks your special is the ultimate betrayal of Life. As life is so much more than whatever your imagination can make up.


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