Editorial: My Christian Grandmother

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I often took my grandmother to the grocery store & on one such outing a young pregnant 15-16 year old girl was in front of us in line. My grandmother whispered to me that this young generation was sinful & bound for hell. I then reminded my grandmother she met my grandfather in church & got pregnant herself at age 16 & had to marry my grandfather. 


My mother was the result of my grandmother & grandfather fucking bare back. Growing up in this hypocritical Christian family who blatantly broke their god’s commandments while judging everyone else to hell for the very same actions was enough to show me exactly how Satanic Christianity really is.


The celebration of Jesus’s return in which everyone on Earth would be killed if they did not bow down and obey unelected King Jesus without question. Jesus is to return not as a peacekeeper rather a Christian Warrior with a sword covered in the blood of non-believers and believers who don’t meet the test. In short everyone one except them and theirs.


Yep, even I will be going to hell. Thanks grandma, grandpa, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, co-workers, neighbors and Christian strangers who’ve never met me.


Praise the loving God of Christianity.


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