Factcheck.org and the Clinton Surplus [Quaap]

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I am a huge supporter of Factcheck.org. They provide a great service which roughly corresponds to the efforts ofSnopes.com, but instead of random urban legends, they look into the words and writings of the political world.


I have noticed a somewhat Democratic/Progressive leaning in their work: it’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s there. Part of it may be that the “conservatives” out there are mass producing spin and sometimes outright nonsense, if not more than the “liberals”, at least with greater amplification and distribution due to things like Foxnews and the Drudge Report. “Liberals” just don’t have quite the same unity of message or the distributions channels to really publicize their bullshit in the same way. But I digress.

Factcheck’s surplus

UPDATE: With great horror I’ve noticed that many republicans are linking to this article to defend their idiotic points. Please understand that this is not a republican support page. While Clinton did not have a surplus, under his watch the growth of the debt slowed quite a bit. His successors, Bush II and Obama, have both like drunken prostitutes on payday. Please see also the Hey, Big Spender! article.


As I said, I mostly love what Factcheck does. However, there is one article in particular that bugs me:

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