MAY9+..11th Will There Be HEATWAVE B+I? — BUSY MAY Well on cue Solar +Geomag +Weather +Quakes

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10MayWILL THERE BE A HEATWAVE IN MAY?There has been a lot of speculation about both snow and a heatwave* in Britain / Ireland in May from various charlatan ‘forecasters’ who have zero (in fact negative) skill at forecasting and write drivel to sell Newspapers. 
[*See ]WeatherAction has been asked Will it or wont it happen?  
As subscribers to WeatherAction’s May forecast know it is a “BUSY” month with a lot going on (in USA and Europe as well as Brit+Ire) and anyone who wants to know the details in their country can subscribe – now at HALF PRICE – and PREPARE for heat, frost, floods, tornadoes, as the case may be. It’s a tiny amount to spend especially because you already pay for the charlatans in taxes, BBC licence fees and charges for newspapers! Thank you in advance
10 May Charlatan Watch – Brazil Football world CupBBC speculates on ElNino to overheat Football in Brazil. The trouble with this one is of course that Brazil is a hot place anyway and any amount of heat above normal levels for Manchester will be taken as ‘ElNino’ proof. ;
The history of ‘ElNino’ scary warnings is they are often OTT and are promoted without question by the deranged ScienceDeniers of BBC as if they are reality; while opposite LaNina prognoses get little coverage. It’s all part of the heirs of Goebells CO2 brainwashing campaign.
The Mini-Ice-Age is Real and Now- See This superlative supporting comment from an IcelandAir pilot
First name: Ingvar
Last name: Tryggvason
Message: Hello
I salute you for the amazing work you are dooing. As an airlinepilot I have witnessed first hand how the jetstreams are aligned differently than they did 5-10 years ago. Operating wednesday april 30th from New York to Keflavik Iceland, we had an unusually long flight time of 5h45m. A jetstream was streching from Baffin south to Newfoundland, we saw northern 60-90 knots over the coast of Labrador. Very unusual. If you have an e-mail I would be happy to send you the weathercharts.
Best regards
Cpt. I Tryggvason
Icelandair   9May R4+QV4 7-8MAY superbly confirmed (and note a new R4 is coming 10-11th)
Earth facing coronal holes [as predicted in RTQ (Red Weather, Thunder/Tornado & Quake) risk Forecasts] Thunder and tornado reports USA, major storms + deluges (see observer reports) Europe, Br+Ir, Middle East all confirmed 7-8th.
On 8 May there were unusual torrents in Syria, Lebanon and Israel reported on AlJazeera TV. Piers said “These are part of Mini-Ice-Age trends with a strong Jet Stream Southerly branch – going through ~Med in this case.”
See impressive circulation or go to current twitter feed. Earth-Facing Coronal Hole 8 May.   M6.4 QUAKE Mexico 8th 1700gmt.
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