Editorial: Climate Change

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Climate change is natural. Man made Climate change is meant to distract you from the real harm Corporations and the rich wealthy are doing. Corporations and the rich wealthy are poisoning you & me for profit. They now intend to pretend to be combating man made climate change by further rigging the game by using man made climate change to restrict their competition, to tax us even more, to take control of our private property and to rule the world claiming to be saving it…   

Climate Change claims advocate 

1] it is evil for others to develop their country as we in the first world have done.

2] another excuse to tax us

3] Paul McCartney advocated for environmental standards, that is until he put a building up on his property that his neighbors claimed ruined their view of the natural surroundings. He fought the decision and lost Funny how people want to preserve the forest *after* they cut down trees to build their house. 

4] We can never “_Save Planet Earth_”. What will happen is our pollution that hangs around our communities will kill us off and planet Earth will go on without us as it has done after millions of species have gone extinct. 

5] Climate change is natural. If Al Gore had been around at the end of the last ice age he’d have gone around shouting, “_The Ice is Melting, The Ice is Melting_!”. The fact is our current climate of spring, summer, fall, winter is the weather anomaly. Earth’s climate in the past has either been a tropical age with mini climate that we are experiencing now or an ice age with mini ice ages of 30 or 40 years. 

We are coming into a mini ice age cycle. That’s what weather is, cycles of events. Planet Earth is in constant change. Planet Earth wobbles. Planet Earth has been hit by asteroids and will be hit by asteroids again. 

Planet Earth not only rotates around our Sun. Planet Earth along with our galaxy rotates around the Universe. We may be heading toward an area of space fill with debris of some event. 

Thinking that everything will stay the same is absurd. It’s like thinking it would be good for the sun to shine everyday everywhere on planet Earth. The Earth would be a desert without rain. 

We need to be prepared for events. However being prepared for things that aren’t happening will put us on the wrong path. Saying climate change is manmade will cause us to spend our time and resources on things that won’t do anything and will likely harm us.

Meanwhile the Earth will continue to change and continue to travel in space toward whatever is in front of it. Billions of years ago there was no Earth. It may be billions of years before the Earth encounters it’s demise. 

Yet let us remember, 4.2 Billion years ago was the Earth’s future and here it is happening now, in our lifetime. A billion years from today it will be someone’s now. Will we have squandered our resources on the fantasy of man made climate change or will we have studied living in space where we can control our path and steer clear of space debris, asteroid belts and comets. 

This is a great planet. However to suggest that Earth will always be inhabitable is foolish and absurd. Of course the Earth will be gone one day. 

We can poison ourselves with our own filth spewed into the air, the water, placed chemically in our food (for monetary profit). This we are doing to ourselves. But planet Earth when it does reach the end of it’s life won’t be done in by human activity. We’ll kill ourselves, we won’t kill the planet. 

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