Editorial: Most Christians Aren’t..

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How about you? The people I know who claim to be Christian seldom if ever go to Church. They simply say they’re Christian as a matter of course then go about living their lives.


I know religious families. The whole family is religious, attend church regularly yet it’s all a show. Few if any of the commandments are followed and it’s all one big lie. After all, when you look at crime, adultery, lying, cheating, stealing who are these people, They’re Christians!!


I know a supposedly devout Catholic family. They have three children. Their first two children they had in the local Catholic hospital. However the third child was born in a non-Catholic hospital. Why did this Catholic Church going family use a non-Catholic hospital for the birth of their third child? The mother was getting her tubes tied and knew the Catholic hospital wouldn’t do it!!


Yep, the husband is Catholic, the wife is Catholic, they’re raising their children Catholic, the in-laws are Catholic. They all get together every Friday for a family dinner yet this devout Catholic family is a fraud. I don’t know if the in-laws know the daugher in law got her tubes tied or not. More likely than not they do.


You see being Christian is being a liar, a cheat, a thief and most of all a hypocrite. We all know people/families claiming to be Christian that behind closed doors are worse than non-Christians. This is strange as they supposedly believe their god knows everything they do. They supposedly believe they can’t hide from their God.


This is why it really is obvious from the actions of these people that they are liars, cheats, thieves and the biggest hypocrites on the planet. It is clear that if as many people who claimed to be Christian actually were Christian 90% of the world’s problems wouldn’t exist. 


Of course if there really was a God, 100% of the world’s problems wouldn’t exist. That is the subject of yet another post.


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