Editorial: Minty Fresh

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I don’t know about health benefits & I sure don’t care for the spiritual bullshit that too often accompanies herb use. I do know our garden grown mint I used in my Hot Mint Tea has a great taste & I don’t have to worry about what toxic Agribusinss has done to it having grown it myself. It’s just that simple.


I also know I bought a single mint plant which has grown out to a clump of plants which I have already spit and place elsewhere around the garden. So the cost is pennies on the dollar. Also there’s the other added cost of store bought. 


You can buy this mint in the store as tea. You pay the purchase price, you then pay a sales tax. Then when the tea is gone you must pay again for the tea and pay the sales tax again. I’ve been drinking hot and cold mint tea for years and the only cost was my orginal plant purchase of which as given me even more plants as herbs love to propagate themselves!!!


So when I hear someone talk about taking back their country and find out they don’t even have their own garden I know they’re just wannabe patriots. Anyone who seeks to be sovereign independent individuals and depends on Corporations to grow their food for them is someone who wouldn’t recognize sovereignty if it bit them on the ass.




We’ve even brought toxic Agribusiness products to our own lawns and our children!!!! WTF?!!???


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