Editorial: Proof Christians Are Assholes !!

See on Scoop.itGodless Antitheist

How dare Christians criticize homosexuals when Christians are daily wearing blended clothing in defiance of their god Jehovah. Jehovah forbids them to wear blended clothing yet every Christian does so! They play mind games with their bible so they can pick and choose what they will decide they will follow when in fact Christians claim all of the Bible is the word of God and all of the Bible is God’s plan. 


Christians are hypocrites. They’re assholes. We secularist need to stop pretending Christians don’t know what they’re doing. They know, they don’t care, they laugh at those who think they do care and they will continue to do what the fuck they want, when they want regardless of the Bible, their God concept or your calling them out about it. That’s because they’re assholes.


It’s that simple


We need to call out the atheist in Church and get them to join us in our struggle for human rights and equality. It’s time atheist and secularist proudly set out into the arena of public identification. Atheist and Secularist aren’t suffering because of the superstitious among us. We are suffering because of all the atheist and Secularist in the closet!!


Come out, come out, wherever you are…


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