Christian Parents Call Police on Teen for Giving Away Offensive Book

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After school in Idaho banned a controversial book from its reading list, a student at the school organized a free distribution of the book at a nearby park. This led to Christian parents demanding the book be banned across America.

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

Let’s see now, Christians have a powerful entity on their side that created the Universe yet this creator of the Universe followers can’t handle a book, can’t deal with a book, must ban books. What happened to the power of prayer that would protect their children from such a book or the power of their faith. Could not a Christian be exposed to ideas other than their own and survive as their faith would be so powerful, so embedded, and see them through a valley of darkness? I guess not. Lacking faith, lacking the power of prayer they resort to what a people with no god that didn’t want certain data to get out would do. They banned the book and then tried to get a person who handed the book out for free arrested.


This is the action of a people who believe their creator of the Universe is so weak as to guard against such data. This is the action of a people who believe their creator of the Universe wouldn’t answer their prayers to protect them for the data of the world.


This is the action of bullshitters who know they’re spewing bullshit. Bullshit they themselves do not believe. There actions expose their knowledge their superstition is bullshit. It’s easy to see. It’s easy to recognize conmen realizing their con has been revealed.


It’s that simple.

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