Editorial: The Hope of Atheist Thinkers

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What gives me reason to think we can make a better world is the fact that though the USA is dominated by hateful bigoted Christianity the world at large rejects Christianity. Christianity may seems to be the majority of the world. Hell, it seems even Christians believe they are the dominance in the world. Christianity is in reality a very large cult of superstitious backward tribe of people fearful of their own shadow. 

If not for those of us of verifiable evidence of reason through Science Christians would still be living in caves, foraging for food and being eaten by predators on a daily basis. They’d be huddled together in their caves freezing as superstition would never led to the discovery of how to build and control fire. The campfire is technology. 

This superstitious tribe would never have even thought of the technology of the wheel and if one of their numbers actually had a thought and expressed it the rest of the tribe would have declared them demon possessed and killed them.

It is the tribe of secular atheist antitheist thinkers of observation which lead to explorations and discovery which then lead to duplicatable experiments and experimentation. As the reasoned tribe progress some in the superstitious tribe infiltrated the reasoned tribe and while using the reasoned tribes technology of fire and the wheel was also condemning such inventions and innovations as the work of the devil!!

So here we are today. The superstitious have been given the benefit of the doubt and as they’ve always done the superstitious continue to us our technology of Science, the automobile, the radio, the TV, The computer, the Internet, the smartphone watching Hollywood TV shows and Hollywood movies all while condemning our Science and Technology as the work of Satan and/or the Devil. What gall these assholes have. They use our technology while claiming our technology and our secular Government is evil.

Why don’t they do as the amish do and separate themselves from amongst us. We wouldn’t miss them. They are a dead weight on our progress. They are a threat to our way of life and our society. They are the reason we can’t have nice things like Medicare for All, Equality, and a safe neighborhood.

This primitive tribe claim simply being human is a sin. The only mystery in all this is why are the majority of us who are reasonable loving caring people allowing such hatred and bigotry the respect of tax free hate mongering?

Thomas Paine realized too late that The Age of Reason hadn’t arrived. His work however has not been in vain. The Age of Reason is upon us. The Age of Reason is reaching it’s tipping point. Thanks to the efforts of brave men and women all around the world. We shall overcome. We will one day be truly be free of all superstition and those who propagate superstition. 


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