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We must change our evil ways. How many of us, as well as the Teabaggers work for the evil Corporation? How many of us depend on the evil Corporation for our food, water, cell phone communications, electricity and even our news media? We know that the Corporations are buying off our politicians yet we have allowed the Corporation to take over every aspect of our lives.
Where once their were small family farms there is Agribusiness. Where we once had small mom and pop stores we have big box conglomerates. Where we once passed our own community rules the United Nations now makes our rules for us.
Those that pretend this all happened in a natural non-violent way needs to study the real history of Corporate Capitalism that has taken over our lives. Take back our country? First we need to take back our lives.
With cell phones, ipods, HDTV, Corporate Entertainment, and Corporate News Providers as well as Corporate ISP providers where in our lives is the people owned businesses and people own media?
We have a Corporate Entity, a fictional person ruling over and controlling real people and real things. Talk about BORG BROTHER, its already here and growing like a virus embedding itself into our lives at our power points.
The Corporate CEOs and the Politicians are ruled by the needs of the Corporation. Its been a bloody take over at times but mostly silent weapons for silent wars as Corporations silently take over our Government and our communities.

Organic Farm Grows Your Organic Food for You / Organic Farm Business Opportunity


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The fight for individual liberty starts here

As the UK parliament votes for detention without charge for 42 days,
sets out a 10-point action plan for rescuing democratic rights.

U.S. policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency –

U.S. policymakers mull creation of domestic intelligence agency –

Yet another attempt at Total Information Awareness, which btw is being done behind closed doors. This type agency would just be a public recognition what goes on in the shadows with terrorist like James Bond 007 and that terrorist agent Jack Bauer 

What is really done to these agents, the mind control and the degradation is exposed in movies such as THE BORNE IDENTITY as well as the new TV presentation, MY OWN WORSE ENEMY which these agents are.

Iran Contra type traitors of tyranny who operate outside the laws of our land creating for themselves a unelected Shadow Government easily turned against WethePeople when needed.

Thus as the movies shows, BORNE shoots a man because he was ordered to shoot him with no reason given. This was the Nazi code, you follow orders. Our own U.S. Military code requires soldiers to disobey a unlawful order, such as killing civilians. U.S. Military personnel have gone to prison on these charges.


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