Christian Republicans vs Reality

It is interesting that while Christian Republicans like James Dobson expect support for their candidate from other Republicans James Dobson readily withholds his own support for Republicans he does not support. James Dobson even goes so far to seem to claim that when James Dobson doesn’t support a candidate neither does God. Imagine th

I wonder how it is to speak for God. It must be great to know how God thinks and what God wants from us. It must be simply amazing to see God’s lose an election. You’d thnk that if you believed in something you claim was a GOD and the only GOD at that and this GOD CONCEPT could lose an election then Jaems Dobson should be as happy as GOD is to lose.

The fact that James Dobson and his God Concept can lose gives rise to the claim that God gave us ‘free will’. It is strange that this God Concept held by James Dobson gave us ‘free will’ yet Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson claimed that 9-11 was their God Concept’s wrath for our evil ways. What? A GOD CONCEPT gives his creation ‘free will’ then is pissed and punishes us for using our ‘free will’? That’s such a easy con to see through that even Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz wouldn’t be fooled.

Yet like the Wizard of Oz James Dobson, Jerrry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard suggests that if we succeed through hard work that somehow we should give the credit to their OZ illusion. We don’t need Toto to pull back the curtain on this one. James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and Ted Haggard can smoke and mirrors till their final days, ain’t no 2,008 year old dead man gonna save their theory of the Universe.

The writing on the wall is in fact a mere reflection of our ever evolving free will and if you insists on clinging to the trees of superstition you’ll find youself losing even when it seems your winning. Certainly for the last eight years the only winners have been rich fat cats. The rest of us have been their field mice upon which they have fed. It’s no wonder the Christian candidate lost. Christians are whining victims with their hand outs asking for donations from the rest of us while they claim an all powerful God Concept. Oops, that should be your second clue to this scam.




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Rove – Book ’em !!!

Punish Those Who Work….

People are often told to ‘get a job’. Yet even some states are trying to pay workers less than a living wage. When workers pay rises which workers use to do as President George Walker Bush has asked time and time again, go shop. Yet when Big Oil profits rise somehow that is great that CEOs and Management are increasing their wages yet worker wages are harmful.

Perhaps assholes like Governor Schwarzenegger identify with CEOs, Management and their view of workers. I wonder if Arnold got rich making movies for those who can’t afford food and/or healthcare or did Arnold get rich off well paid middle class workers who he now seeks to destroy.

Those who grow up poor or middle class seem to quickly forget their roots once they strike it rich and are more than willing to stick it to the working poor. When Governor Schwarzeneggar made his famous movie quote the reality of the line is now obvious “I’ll be back… destroy workers and their wages!!“.

Evidence @ 47670 that christians Hate the USA…..


They know placing religious items on secular public property is against the US Constitution but christians do it anyway. Here in Princeton, Indiana 47670 they show their hatred of America by breaking the law. You can tell they know it is wrong by trying to hide the concrete desecration between two evergreen bushes so that unknowing citizens won’t realize the flagrant violation is taking place.

christians hate the United States of America and do not intend the laws of the United States apply to them !!!!

You know if this was a Jewish symbol,  Islam symbol, a Wicca symbol or a Atheist symbol, christians would be raising nine kinds of hell !!

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Keep America Beautiful and Independent….

Keep America Beautiful with Renewable Abundant Earth Energy

Keep America Beautiful with Renewable Abundant Earth Energy:

Yep, Conservatives want us dependent on big oil for the rest of our lives. Drill here, Drill there, Drill Everywhere instead of declaring Independence from Big Oil by checking your tires and increasing fuel milage standards and even gasp, riding a bicycle around town on small trips or perhaps a motor scooter for short trips. It makes more sense to conservatives to continue pollution risks and being forever tied to Big Oil.

Toxic Oil Spills in America

Toxic Oil Spills in America

Conservatives would rather drive their gas guzzling SUV tank down the street a few blocks that OMG!!! walk.

Who loves ya America? Who loves the planet? We Liberals sure do. We want to use less oil now and develop abundant renewable earth resources for today and tomorrow rather than keep ourselves tied to Big Oil that has polluted our oceans, land, and air.

It is pitafully woefully painful to see conservatives claim for years that renewable energy use has been too expensive and its better to use dirty vile polluting energy instead. Hep, its just too expensive to use renewable energy but not too expensive to wage a Trillion Dollar Illegal police action in Iraq of which one aspect is access to… guessed it…..Big Oil. So tac that onto your gas price, a Trillion Dollar Illegal Police Action that has the world wondering what is up with America.

Adding on this police action and the price of gas is over $3.00 a gallon plus the lives of Iraqi chldren and Iraqi babies. Now that should be price should be shown on each gas pump in America.

Keep America Beautiful and independent, renewable abundant earth energy. Now that’s an American idea whose time has come !!!!!!

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