Can you believe the number of people who think that a job is why the United States of America was founded on?

I now return you to the delusion of the Matrix provided by the Hidden Hand Agenda,



The Agenda of “Blaming the Jews”….

Down through the ages the Agenda has always blamed the Jews for the worlds problems and troubles. The exchange from the real Hidden Hand to certain Zionist Agents working in the name of “Jew” is the real behind the curtain event.

The Corporations including banking is a busy hand on the many arms of HIdden Hand activivies.

One such popular Hidden Hand Agent was FATHER COUGHLIN.

In 1934, Charles E. Coughlin announced the formation of the National Union of Social Justice.

At this time some observers claimed that Father Coughlin was the second most important political figure in the United States.

It was estimated that Coughlin’s radio broadcasts were getting an audience of 30 million people.

He was also having to employ twenty-six secretaries to deal with the 400,000 letters a week he was receiving from his listeners.

Listen to some of his historical speeches

It is instructive to listen to this Horus Shit. His program on Unemployment would be funny if millions had not believed and followed this puppet. He touches on the real cause of economics then quickly moves on. Unless you figure it our yourself this popular puppet won’t give you much unless you like to be played for a sucker or are seeking the ways of the Hidden Hand propaganda.


Car Care Real Immediate Solution to Gas Prices…

You Don’t Have to Wait Ten Years, Care Car Saves Gas Now !

Read all About the truth of a safe process of solving gas prices now rather than waiting for ten years for a solution using the risky process of offshore drilling.

McCain’s Arrogance….

John McCain has called the media his “base” then talks out the other side of his face about how the media LOVES Obama. What arrogance that is! Brag about the media being your base then accuse your oppenent of media flavor!

It’s sickening that McCain and Obama are the only canididates the embedded media are willing to cover. Of course if they did cover more candidates the media owners might find it harder to control the election, the principals of the election and the issues. After all, the media owners have a secret society of handlers to which they must answer who are more important than profits and Democracy.

The Hidden Hand has shown time and time again what happens to someone who does not follow the script of the agenda. The parameters of the Hegelian Dialect is all written out and you better never ever forget your part or your lines.

yours in sovereignty,


Believe It or Not !

Legal Torrents…

Got any legal torrent links?

Flying the US Flag Once Again in Berlin….

Obama in Berlin, Germany in front of 200,000 German Sovereigns

Obama in Berlin, Germany in front of 200,000 German Sovereigns

200,000 people can out to see what they hope will be the next President of the United States, Barack Obama. From our US Soldiers in Iraq to citizens of the world in Europe hundreds of thousands gather to see Barack Obama and his message of Hope.

The people rallies show the support of the pro-love movement around the world. The people rallies of soldiers expose the true feelings of our troops and our military who are willing to protect and serve yet know they are in Iraq based on lies. Our troops want to protect our national security not help oil Corporations take over oil fields and other natural resources around the globe.

While Barack Obama is yet another puppet of Hidden Hand making, the desire of Sovereigns around the world may be misplaced the yearning is real. We are too easily fooled. This may be the JFK the Hidden Hand has long desired. One who will not step out of the bounds of his assigned role as the real JFK had done.

One thing is clear and certain….time will tell,



I was 11 when JFK was murdered in cold blood by the agenda of the Hidden Hand. I’m now 56. If I were once again 11 years old I might well be supporting Barack Obama. At 56 I certainly still support the message of love and hope.

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