Obama’s Stimulus Locks In Control by Monsanto/BigAgri

Obama’s Stimulus Locks In Control by Monsanto/BigAgri
Obama must be held accountable.
The bum’s rush is not grassroots anything.
The implementation of plans laid during Bush’s regime is not change.
This, no matter how you cut is, is fascist.

by Linn Cohen-Cole February 17, 2009 opednews.com

I have written here many times about NAIS and now the Obama
government, having promised people would have 60 days to comment,
having promised transparency, having promised it was in support of small
farmers, is pushing through as rapidly as humanly possible, bills that will
mean the end of organic farming.

How? By Monsanto entering into the body of organic farming like a
disease and morphing organic farms into industrial facilities, the farmer
being forced to “treat” the land with chemicals and the animals with
drugs, trapped into paying for what is unwanted, unsafe, unneeded,

This is monopoly at the most extreme degree – not just unfair competition
but total control of every aspect of the competition to the degree of
making them laborers for the monopoly.


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