Alan Watt Exposes His True Nature

Alan Watt on his podcasts has stated that if you dare speak against Alan Watt thoughts and ideas that he has people all around the globe who will ‘pay you a visit’. Sounds like a secret society to me.

While Alan Watt broadcast around the globe as part of the media you on your blog or in a forum or a newsgroup are not allowed to give your thoughts and ideas and mention that Alan Watt might be wrong at times or even part of the Agenda.

Alan Watt gives the same seven or eight books for you to read. He says he’s a free flowing thinking that his talks will be thoughts flowing from his mind to you and never scripted yet he reads articles of others with comments, the written articles are scripts. Duh.

You can stop listening to Alan Watt for months. I know, I’ve done it and when you return to listen to a supposedly new podcast it’s like you were never gone. It’s the same stuff recycled over and over and over again.

What about telling Jackie Patru that Alex Jones was a sell out then of all the radio programs Alan Watt guest time and time again over and over…Alex Jones.

Perhaps its because the other radio host have found something about Alan Watt that prevents Alan Watt wanting to return. After all, according to Alan Watt hisself, Alex Jones is a sell out. Yet there they are. Twittledee and twittledumb.

I’ve been spammed and cursed at because I dare disagree with Alan Watt by Alan Watt followers. I dare to question Alan Watt authenticity and those who have adopted Alan Watt as their own personal Guru tell me I must not say anything that does not support and agree with Alan Watt. They claim they are  sovereign individual thinkers yet they tow the line of their Guru.

Meanwhile Alan Watt on Global Radio threatens people and tells them he has people all over the world that will pay them a visit. How Fascist. How Totalitarian.

He claims to have written books under different names. Yeah right. He claims to be a professional musician. Yeah right. Lots of people play classical guitar who have never gotten paid for it.

Now if he has wrote books under different names then he is getting royalties right? If he has written songs for famous singers then he is getting royalties right. If you are a sovereign individual thinker I’d think anyone, even Alan Watt, who makes claims with no possible way to check the claims out yourself would be viewed with skepticism.

It’s ironic, sad and shameful that Alan Watt who is ranting on Global Media gives out unproven claims of fact that no one can verify. Coming from someone who says the elite lie and control giving out unverifiable data should raise questions from those who come into contact with these unsubstantiated claims.

Adopting one Guru, Alan Watt, over another Guru, President of the United States, etc, is pathetic doublethink of the bicameral mind.

Alan Watt [or any Guru Worship] is ironic, sad and shameful,

naturalbornsovereignindividual WhoRu?


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