Fading Obama

The (Fading) Call of Obama. By Paul Street

2009 DECEMBER 24
by kanan48
Via: ZNet.
Now that Barack Obama is being exposed like never before as a tool and agent of concentrated wealth, business class rule, and militarism, 2009 is ending on a distinct note of liberal disenchantment. His “progressive base” is restive over his actions to an unprecedented (to use Obama’s favorite word [1]) degree as the president of “Yes we can” has morphed (as widely predicted on “hard left”) into the pallid symbol of “No We can’t – as the clarion of “change” has emerged as another Democratic office-holder whose outwardly progressive campaign pledges translate into corrupt, corporate and imperial nothingness in the real world of power.

The signs of liberal and progressive anger at Obama (“The Empire’s New Clothes,” as I described immediately him after his election to the presidency) are hard to miss. The former sixties radical and “Progressives for Obama” (PFO) co-founder Tom Hayden announced that he was “scraping the Obama sticker off my car” after the president gave his West Point Afghan War Speech three weeks ago. [2] Formed by such leading left-liberal lights as Hayden, Bill Fletcher, Cornwell West, and Barbara Ehrenreich, PFO has dropped its president’s name from the organization, re-christened “Progressive America Rising.” [3]


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