Jeff Frederick, Twitter Idiot, Yells At Darwin, Comment

Jeff Frederick, Twitter Idiot, Yells At Darwin

Comment from article


It is nowhere stated in Darwin’s work that “some people are more evolved than others.” But only the most generously charitable person could avoid saying so after experiencing the futility of attempting conversation with a member of the Reich Wing.

It is not true that “Atheists have used evolution to disprove the existence of God.” It is impossible to disprove a negative. If anything, the Darwin’s theory of evolution indicts a particular interpretation of scripture.

Since Frederick’s so-called “facts” are not facts, the proffered conclusion is invalidated.

It is not science and Christianity that are in opposition… nor is it Darwinian evolution and Christianity that are in opposition. It is science and anti-science which are in opposition… fundamentalist Christians on the anti-science side and everyone else on the other.

Between science and anti-science, which would you say is indispensable?


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