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Brand Spend On-Line Secular Growth

My wife and I are debt free with savings and investment. So its nice to be able to invest in our ideals and feel good about it.

Single Payer Health Care

February 15, 2009 (SOAPBOX #7. with Dr. Clark Newhall & Donna Smith from Michael Moore’s Sicko.)

I wish Windows7 would rock. I’d sure like to have as many choices as possible. It would be neat to be able to switch between digital devices as they make advances in open interoperability digital devices. Personally I see a future where everything is iO. I sure hope Max Headroom was just fantasy. ;) http://amplify.com/u/brxfx

Plenty of Walled in Digital Choices

How to germinate vegetable seeds

March is a great time to start seeds indoors for the garden. I need to finish assembling my greenhouse outside so I’ll start seeds indoors.

This will be the first year to try a lasagna garden. I’ve done square foot and I’m looking forward to creating a organic natural planting bed.


I love this Lasagna Gardening book. Its a great read.

mybook link: http://goo.gl/Cp3WJ

How to germinate vegetable seeds

Vegetable seeds need a light, friable soil that will hold moisture to grow.

Seeds must absorb 40-60% of their weight in water to trigger germination. They also need air. When they sprout, they take up moisture from the film of
water around the soil particles and they take up air from the space between those
particles. So soil quality is important.

A good seed raising mixture could be
the answer if you are unsure of the quality of your soil. Individual peat or plant fiber pots are
a great invention because the whole thing goes into the ground without disturbing the roots of your baby plants.

Warmth is most important for germinating seeds. Most garden seeds will germinate
if soil temperature is around 20C (68F). For colder climates seed beds must be kept
warm either by having them in a sunny protected spot in or near the house (like a
porch or garage, out of the elements) or in a glass or plastic covered cold frame.

Read more at www.no-dig-vegetablegarden.com


Collective Bargaining for Rich Only

Perhaps most are too young to remember the days of “White Only” restaurants, drinking fountains and schools but I remember. It happened mostly in the South USA. It was degrading to both us Caucasians [We’re not really ‘white’ in color] and even more degrading to darker colored Americans.

Again, this went on because Christianity justified treating others as slaves, animals and their young girls as sex objects. Christian love is all about the tribe. If you’re not a Christian you can be degraded, objectified and enslaved. Its really that simple.

Secular Government may have originally counted black Americans as

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CHRIS MATTHEWS Democrats continue to defend unions in Wisconsin

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