Editorial: The Spectacle of Lies

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POTUS GWObama continues the GWBush war based on lies. He continues GWBush’s police state. He continues to demand to arrest US Citizen for indefinite detention. He handed over the Government Single Payer Health Plan to Corporate Insurance. 

Michelle Obama plants the White House Garden with some pre-selected children while knowing that starting in 2013, 2014 those same children will be working in Foxconn like factories in the USA to help their unemployed parents pay bills. Think I’m joking.? Read about the child mine workers from back in the day. PBS has several weekly, daily business program yet no weekly or daily worker programs. The “B” in PBS stands for Corporate “Business”! There’s no worker voice on PBS except the occasional “Special” There was a Special on WalMart. The next program aired after that WalMat Investigative special? WalMart! WalMart still sponsored many PBS programming. How much more obvious need it be?!?



This Creepy App Isn’t Just Stalking Women Without Their Knowledge, It’s A Wake-Up Call About Facebook Privacy [Update] | Cult of Mac

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Joy: Future of the Web is mobile devices – ZDNet

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Want to see where the Web is headed? Bill Joy, Sun co-founder and venture capitalist, says look no further than your cell phone.
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Apple OS X: How To Find Your Router’s IP Address

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If you’re having local area network problems or need to configure port forwarding, you’ve got to log into your router to remedy things.
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Rosa Rubicondior: Why We Need To Understand Evolution.

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Apple Preparing to Release Updated AirPort Express Base Station

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AppleInsider reports that Apple is preparing to release an updated version of its compact AirPort Express wireless base station. Hints of the imminent refresh come from shortages of the existing model being observed at several third-party retailers, but the most concrete evidence comes from a source reporting that Apple is finishing work on its AirPort Utility 5.6 software which makes reference to the new model.

So the this piece of Apple kit is highly underated. It’s the first new Apple product I’ve bought – ever. I have had all generations of the iPhone, all bought off eBay broken. I’ve then fixed the phone and placed on a SIM free on a tariff anywhere from £5-£15. Bargain.


I only bought this because I had a credit at House of Fraser for a failed Christmas gift purchase.  Jenny the shop assistant said I had to use it that day because  it was a gesture of good will as I didn’t have my receipt and it was too long after Christmas. Fair enough. 


I browsed the shop (all five floors of it) and happened  on the Airport Express in the tech section. 

Once home, I unboxed my first shiny Apple purchase, plugged it in, connected it to my stereo and installed the Airport Utility app on my newly fixed iPhone4. Once I named the Apple wifi network and connected (both via iTunes on the PC and on my phone). I was able to stream music wirelessly to my system.


I’m buying one of these for each room – you can create zones and access from any iTunes enable PC or IOS device. Who needs an overpriced Sonos?


I might be coming out of the closet soon as an Apple fan. I’m still not sure I agree with their exploitation of others (e.g. workforce) or their pile of cash but the stuff is just so good.  Time to hop on eBay and find some bargains…

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Apple Clarifies iPad “4G” Marketing On Australian Website

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Via @macstoriesnet – Apple Clarifies iPad “4G” Marketing On Australian Website http://t.co/U8qvjOWN #Apple #iOS #iPad #X…
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