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Atheists Unveil Their Own Monument

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STARKE, Fla. — A group of atheists unveiled a monument to their nonbelief in God on Saturday to sit alongside a granite slab that lists the Ten Commandments in front of the Bradford County courthouse.

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Editorial: As Long As We Continue to Believe We Need Taxes to Fund Gov’t We’ll Be Slaves

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Photo of Real Jesus

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Xians Love You Bullshit

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sapiosexuality Definition – The Unword Dictionary

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Definition of sapiosexuality :.


1. (n.) A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use.

Origins: From the Latin root sapien, wise or intelligent, and Latin sexualis, relating to the sexes.

Example: Me? I don’t care too much about the looks. I want an incisive, inquisitive, insightful, irreverent mind. I want someone for whom philosophical discussion is foreplay. I want someone who sometimes makes me go ouch due to their wit and evil sense of humor. I want someone that I can reach out and touch randomly. I want someone I can cuddle with. I decided this all means that I am sapiosexual.

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Editorial: Read Your xian bible of bigotry & Hate

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Above graphic: xesus returns


Jesus to return to kill all secularist, all non-believers and all believers who aren’t worthy along with all Pharisee xians who wear blended clothing, eat pork and pray in public




If you want a really sick&twist view on #marriage read the #xian #bible of #hate toward #women .. #readxianbibleofbigotryhate




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