Corn to Feed People, Not

starving babies

Corn to Feed People

Not Fuel SUVs !!!

Billions are starving in our abundant world not because of lack of resource rather because of greed and an agenda of eugenics waged upon the third world ! It is getting so bad that this agenda is coming home to roost in the first world as the United States energy crisis becomes a food and water crisis.

This is the plan within the agenda of population reduction that the top down Global Warming Hucksters are using to co-opt native living and replacing it with a Green Revolution that takes away our sovereign rights, our transportation, our food delivery system and our rural living options as many now are looking to move into the city as rising fuel prices force workers closer to their work.

It’s easy to lead sheep, simply manipulate fuel, food and shelter (done with the agenda of a mortgage crisis). If you think the banks and money lending institutions screwed home owners without the knowledge and permission of the Hidden Hand then by all means go read, listen and/or watch your embedded propaganda network.

If you are in the process of waking up, wising up and a word up, keep tuned in to sovereign media wealthshare.wordpress,,,, and more added regularly.


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Global Total Digital Technology…..

I’ve been a factory worker all my life. It was odd to me that working class sovereigns would vote Republican. This year I realized that many working class dislike liberals because Liberals talk about the struggle of the working class and some of the working class want to pretend they are middle class. Most of us it seems want to believe we are middle class. I’ve always been working class myself. Always was, always will be and I like being working class. Working class built the United States with our blood, sweat and tears. It’s sad the working class was shamed into hating themselves so much. We are what America is all about.

It’s also sad that too many working class sovereigns want to pretend they are capitalist. I’ve never been a Capitalist in my life and I’m 56 years old. A capitalist owns the means of their production while living off the profits of labor, their investments and interest on checking and saving accounts in the bank. Most working class I know live paycheck to paycheck, need the husband, wife and soon even the older children working to try to make ends meet.

This new situation that working class in the 21st century find themselves is the same old Capitalist Ponzi Pyramid scheme of economics called Capitalism/Communism, poverty for those generating the wealth and riches for those sly enough to steal the wealth from the workers.

A good example is Bill Gates, a spoiled rich kid who was headed nowhere until the Hidden Hand reached out to his connected family and they choose Bill Gates to handle their computer software industry. They needed a spoiled egotistical son of a bitch and that was and is Bill Gates.

Only a ruthless psychopath would have the gall to blame the working class for asking for a living wage while they themselves collected Billions upon Billions of dollars for himself. Bill Gates who has 50Billion Dollars has the guts to claim the working class are greedy !!!!!!!!!!!

That’s not surprising really what is surprising is that it seems working class sovereigns sit on their hands and bow down on their knees to this ruthless selfish asshole hoping I guess that he will smile down upon them.

WTF !???

Bill Gates was given the computer software industry on a platter. At the time he was Hand picked for the job he didn’t have an operating system so he bought DOS. That’s right, Bill Gates didn’t write DOS, he was given the computer industry and need a Disk Operating System so knowing he had the industry given to him he went out and bought the tools to dominate his new kingdom.

Bill Gates is smart this is true, yet he is no more intelligent than many geeks. What does Bill Gates have that most do not have? Ruthless ego, connected family and the ability to yell, kick and scream to get his way (like all spoiled children). He of course is a mommas boy, spoiled, full of himself and quite capable of justifying the means to his ends.

Only a rot bastard asshole would acquire 50Billion dollars for himself and claim it is workers who are greedy.

Wake up sovereigns, before these spoiled rotten ruthless bastards begin their final solution on all our asses within this century. They are rapidly approaching Global Total Digital Technology Critical Mass which will allow them to eliminate all of us in the general population as Digital Technology takes over all labor.

wake up, wise up,


If your town was bombed out of existence, would anyone care?

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If your town was bombed out of existence, would anyone care?

If you live in one of the dusty, poor corners of the world, maybe not. Carnage in developing countries often goes unnoticed in the more wired, wealthy parts of the world.

That’s where the American Academy for the Advancement of Sciences’ Geospatial Technology and Human Rights Project comes in. It is charged with using the latest in technology, primarily high-resolution satellite photography, to detect and call attention to possible human rights violations.

Read All About and see more photos here !!!

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21st Century Version….

\Century 21st\

The 21st Century version of “women and children first”.

Thoughts on Global Warming…

I found I agreed with this comment on the Global Warming article over @ Short News so much that I am posting it here with a link to the story…~SJ

North Pole Melting ??

North Pole Could Melt This Summer

Truth is, none of us know for sure.

An ice age is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, resulting in an expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Glaciologically, ice age is often used to mean a period of ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres; by this definition we are still in an ice age (because the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets still exist).

So if you view the above this way, then logically thinking the only way to completely end the ice age would be a rise in the earths temperature.

On the flip side,
More colloquially, when speaking of the last few million years, ice age is used to refer to colder periods with extensive ice sheets over the North American and Eurasian continents: in this sense, the most recent ice age ended about 11,000 years ago.

Either way for the ice to have melted at all the earth’s temperature had to rise. Could it be it’s just not done?
Global Warming.. No doubt, Man induced, I doubt it.

The scientists..James Hansen comes to mind. If I recall correctly,he said in the late 70’s “we had 20 years”.. Now he is back again giving us another 20. The fear Hansen sparked led to a almost bottomless federal research budgets for himself and his fellow scientists. Lots of money surrounds man made global warming. Probably a good cookie jar to have your hand in.

Yes the North Pole COULD melt this year. and it COULD also Snow in hell. Guess we have to wait and see.

Sovereign Defined….

Self-governing; independent

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