The Intenets – Internet2

North America

From its launch in late 2001, the GÉANT network offered global connectivity as a fully integrated part of the overall service available to all participating NRENs. It established connections from the pan-European backbone to North America (NASA, and the research networks Abilene, ESnet and CA*net4), which have been in service since January 2002.

GEANT2 has established two interconnection points in the USA. The original GÉANT2 PoP was established in New York in 1998. More recently, a second PoP has been established in Washington. There are a number of 10Gbps links connecting the USA and Europe. Two of these are funded by GÉANT2, with a further two being funded, from the American side, by the National Science Foundation and by Internet2. In addition, the possibility of a direct Canada-Europe link is under discussion.

DICE: International Collaboration

CANARIE, ESnet, GÉANT2 and Internet2 have built on earlier co-operation to implement a strategic initiative on trans-Atlantic cooperation within the framework of the GÉANT2 technical programme. Regular technical meetings provide the opportunity to discuss issues of common interest, helping the participants to build a more complete picture of the international context in which they operate.

These meetings have given rise to workshops and ongoing collaboration in specific areas within the GÉANT2 technical programme, with engineers working together to advance their research. Further information about these DICE (DANTE-Internet2-CANARIE-ESnet) meetings and workshops is available from the link alongside.


One significant result of this collaboration is the PerfSONAR network monitoring prototype, which provides information on link capacity and link utilisation across all the circuits of the Abilene, ESnet and GÉANT backbone networks. Access is being provided initially to a restricted group, but with the intention of enabling more widespread access once the tool is stable and proven. PerfSONAR has been built as a result of close work between engineers from ESnet, GÉANT2 and Internet2; ESnet and Internet2 are also deploying the system on their own networks. This means that networks in both continents are presenting the same data in a consistent manner.


Hillary Visits My Hometown…

Hillary Clinton visited Princeton Indiana Tuesday night. Princeton Indiana is the county seat for Gibson County so she held her rally on the courthouse lawn on the square in downtown Princeton Indiana.

My wife and I did not attend. We’re both 56 years old and we’ve seen and heard the same bs for years and years. The local television stations from Evansville Indiana were here doing coverage. Barack Obama’s wife is visiting Indiana in Booneville. Indiana has its moment in the embedded media spot light as our Governor leases public roads to foreign countries and Princeton Indiana’s largest employer is Toyota , a foreign Corporation. While Hillary Clinton will most likely say my home town is typical small town USA Princeton Indiana has been sold to the highest foreign bidder as has most of the rest of the United States of America.

I wonder if that will make it onto the embedded media broadcast ???

sovereignty for all, all for sovereignty,


Princeton Indiana video of Hillary Clinton visit


Watch the ALICE Movie

The ALICE project has created RedCLARA. This is the first pan-Latin American research and education network. It also provides access to European researchers via a direct connection to GÉANT.

This movie introduces the RedCLARA network and highlights the work of the T@lemed project, which brings e-health services to remote parts of Brazil and Columbia.

Click the links below to watch the video. Please note that the files are very large, and may take several minutes to download even over a high-speed connection.

101938 Kb)


One in the know must laugh at those who laugh about ‘the Internets’ when in fact there are Internets. Internet2 is upon us and it is currently not available to the general population but if anyone believes that the new public Internet is the ony Internet there is check out the term Internet2. This Intenet2 can download a full length high definition movie in about a minute. It’s a 11,000 faster than dial up and has other features. Then of course there’s the secret Military Internet that neigher you nor I are told about. It’s easy to visualize however. It most likely is a million times faster than current public technology. So the next time you hear someone laugh over the term “Internets” remind them of Internet2, cause now you know.Check it out



Indiana University is part of the Internet2 development. I’m live in Southern Indiana.

Bill Clinton, George Walker Bush,

Bill Clinton gave us the Internet Bubble. Lucky for him, just as it was about to bust he had left office. George Walker Bush gave us the Housing Bubble. Unfortunate for George Bush it didn’t last till the next President so George Walker Bush will leave the next President an illegal genocide to deal with in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I remember when Nixon ran on the promise to end the Vietnam genocide. He did in his second term. Today luckily for the current Hidden Hand Puppets there are enough new youth entering the voting ranks to once again have enough people to fool.

I was hoping Internet might prevent yet another generation from believing the lies of politicians and actually look up Obama, Hillary and McCain on internet sites dedicated to exposing truth about candidates. While Obama jokes about being related to Dick Cheney, fact is, they are all of the same bloodline. They are all related. It’s a family business run by family members only. You need not apply, unless your family.

John Kerry was not only family he was Skull & Bones just like his cousin George Walker Bush, and George Herbert Walker Bush. The ties are deep and the emedded Hidden Hand Media know what not to notice and which questions never to pursue. It’s a family business, show business. They are all actors on the world stage and regardless of who is to win, they all are covered by health care, pension, money and more money.

They don’t realize that one day their family services will no longer be needed and as JFK found out, when the family doesn’t need you anymore you are eliminated because no one can be on the outside and know too much. So the day will come when the likes of Hillary, Obama and McCain aren’t needed. Of course when that day comes we in the general population will have been long gone. Exterminated via embedded digital chip.

The Family agenda is right on schedule, get ready for the final phase, it’s a killer,


starting 2012



This time, with advanced technology fences like these will be replaced by embedded chips that can inflict pain and have a ‘kill switch’ to eliminate us all.

Ron Paul Nevada Convention……

Out Classed and Out of Options…

Politics is a never-ending game, which has little to no rules, and the rules that do exist can change at anytime. You can choose to start, or stop playing this game at anytime, but no matter how you play this game it comes down who has the most people who care.

On Saturday April 26th , 2008, in Reno Nevada, the Republican State convention came to order with a set agenda and rigged rules to basically give complete control of the Delegate process to the party. The original rules would have only allowed for a set list of people that could be chosen as a whole to represent the state. This slate was created by a small group of people and were never published, and even as we began the convention were not known.

This was the first attempt to keep complete control of the delegate selection process. After three hours of explaining how this was not representative of the convention as a body, the convention modified the delegate selection process to allow anyone to run for a national delegate position. Three would be chosen from each of the three Congressional District and twenty-two from the entire body by each person voting for twenty-two people.

It was lunch at that point in time, giving two hours for the next play to be planned. Upon reconvening from lunch at 2:27pm, no time was wasted to unfurl this plan, which was instead of breaking up into districts to make sure at least three from each one was elected, the party would be kind enough to move around arbitrarily alternates to delegate positions to ensure “a fair distribution”, even better we shouldn’t vote for twenty-two people at large because that would take far to much time, but instead vote for only five. Which took anybody with an eighth grade math understanding to know this was intended to divide our vote by four because in order to vote for twenty people you needed four people now instead of one. So this just was obliterated by the convention getting over a 75% rejection vote.

At this time we split into three districts and began to vote on delegates, this only took about an hour and went rather smoothly in district three and one. District two was continually delayed because of a dispute of whether a printed ballot was acceptable or a handwritten one was, somehow handwritten equals easier to handle to the those that ran the voting for district two. After this we came back and began to debate planks on the floor.

It was two hours in the making, the start of which was a person coming from the count room of the 2nd Congressional District of Nevada, which was the last of three districts to be counted. From our count observers in the rooms of Congressional District’s 1 and 3, Paul Supporters had won all three delegates spots in District 3 and one Paul supporter in District 1. The counts of these districts took about 30 minutes after voting was completed. The 2nd District was taking very long to complete and no one could understand the delay of more then an hour, information from observers within its count room relayed that Paul Supporters had swept its three delegates as well. This meant that Paul Supporters took 7 out of 9 possible Congressional District delegates to the National Convention.

The person walking from the counting room took a straight line to State Chairwoman Sue Lowden, leaning over and whispering into her ear. After the person walked off Sue sat there for about 30 seconds tapping her foot and then stood up and walked over to Councilman Woodbury who was sitting in front of me, leaning over she said, “If we can break Quorum, can we invalidate this?” After saying this rather loudly and glancing at the expression on my face she quickly quieted down and I was unable to hear the rest of the conversation.

I sat in a dazed confusion for about five minutes trying to figure out what quorum was in this convention of 1347 delegates, which was 674 delegates. Soon after Chairwoman Lowden left, a John McCain staffer, Paul Johnson, came by. I had been gathering signs and information from him all day, and he believed I was a hardcore McCain supporter. He came up to me and got on one knee as if to propose his undying love. He began his conversation with, “They are trying to pull a coup, we are going to leave and quarter the convention.” I responded, “Do we even have the numbers, all they need is a couple hundred to keep Quorum?” He answered back, “The powers that be have the numbers, I am just doing what I was told to do by my boss.” At this moment I knew that they had lost control of the convention and were desperate. About an hour went by before they finally figured out they did not have enough people to pull off this little stunt.

I watched the party officers directly in front of me huddling up with the parliamentarian and trying to come up with something. Soon after this huddle, the party began to filibuster the convention filling it with videos and speakers over a course of 60 minutes. During this time Sue Lowden began barking at Chairman Bob Beers, and I could clearly see Chairman Beers not agreeing with what she was telling him. First it was just her talking to him, then after going on and off stage to present the next video or speaker, three people gathered around him, by the fourth time he stepped off the stage, eight people were surrounding and pressuring him, which I can only assume was to end the convention, being that was the next thing that happened when he returned to the stage.

When he returned to the stage for the last time, Chairman Beers ended the convention illegally calling an indefinite recess without a vote of the delegation to do so, at 6 pm. This was not before their first plan of ending the convention was attempted to be put into play by a member that was not informed calling for a Quorum which we would still have had. But Beers interrupted him saying, “I will save you some time”, and called the indefinite recess. Later it was claimed to be the end of the contract of the room. But upon request from the Hotel they gladly gave us three more hours for free.

After five second of pure silence, disbelief, and confusion, a once consistently civil and controlled convention was thrown into ten minutes of anarchy, while the party vacated the room out the back doors. Bob Bears attempted to speak with an angry mob with little to no avail before leaving.
After this occurred we attempted to reconvene the meeting but fell 70 people short of a quorum.

This series of events leaves me with the understanding that the opinions and concerns of how Nevada Republicans want our government to work, do not matter. The only concern is that we fuel the inner party through our donations. Am I to understand that the people of Nevada are to have no representation and take marching orders from the Republican National Committee, that is two thousand miles away? To accept whatever they tell us, even if it is to support a man that never came to Nevada or would even agree to a conference call to discuss local positions on things such as Yucca Mountain. We know nothing about his positions that would affect the state in which we are to represent as delegates. When asked to come and talk before the January Caucasus, his Clark County staffer told us that he was not concerned with Nevada and would pick up delegates in May if he needed them. So we as a state are supposed to bow down and support a man who does not support our state?

We must complete a process of debate and discussion until we complete the National Delegate process. Being dictated to from people two thousand miles away is reminiscent of some of the central causes of the beginning of our great nation. So like a spoiled child the Nevada GOP officers, after being out played and without any other options they just kicked over the table and went home.

Richard Bunce
Las Vegas, NV

My Pin Up Girl of All Time……

\my pin up girl\




MediaFork will get all of your DVD’s ready for your iPod. If you have used HandBrake before than MediaFork will be quite familiar.

Basically, you just put in the disk, choose what kind of resolution and settings you want, and then your Mac do the work. It will rip the movie off (even if it is encrypted) and get it all ready for your iPod or for Front Row.

I suppose that I should recognize the great debate whether this is moral, legal, fair, etc. I say to each his own…but I’m getting all my movies ready for Apple TV.


freemacware is a great site for mac programs and more !!!!

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