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Like many I’m on the web here and there. I’ve also found while you can’t get there from here you can get here from there, so here’s another place some of us hang out:: http://qraterjohn.posterous.com/ http://bit.ly/ez9oFL


Profile of A Greedy Bastard

This Greedy Bastard Profile is from the upcoming Guide: “The Greedy Bastard’s Guide to Government Loopholes (plus other Legal tips & tricks).

A famous actor went on talk show after talk show telling about his love of Arabians horses. Oh yes, he loved them so much. He loved to ride them & he loved to look at them. Guess what?

The Government was giving rich wealthy privileged classes like this actor a big fat Tax Deduction for owning Arabian Horses!!

When the Arabian Horse Tax Shelter was done away with this actor sold his whole stable of Arabian Horses. Lock, stock and barrel! Do you really think the rich were giving their children horses for their birthday for fun? Like most things with these privileged wealth sets, the love of money has eaten away at their empathy and compassion. Even toward their own children!

This is why otherwise well off children grow up to be totally fucked up. They learn their parents are all about the money! Sad really.

that’s the way it is,



It would be great if posts had a Translate option for posts. I’d follow more non-English users if I could read their posts ;) I know as a member of pip.io they have a Translation option for posts made on pip.io. Thanks for your consideration and attention. Could anyone else use a Translation feature? http://bit.ly/gV8Hi4

What Makes Satan Tick

What Makes Satan Tick ~ Christian Perspective | @scoopit http://bit.ly/fTYLhL // These Christians Expose fact, Satan is a Son of God http://bit.ly/eBGmZ7

Teabaggers Gots Theirs!

Teabaggers gots theirs & while they use socialized roads, police, fire deppartments & churches, while expecting everyone to pay in, They want to opt out of programs they don”t like. Force others to support their social programs but an opt out option for Teabaggers, sounds like neocons Corporate horse shit to to me!!

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