Funny Americans….

Funny Americans

Recently Glenn Greenwald pointed to a post by “OldPunk” at an Instapundit-approved blog. Here’s some of what the post said about Obama’s speech last week about race. The “you” to which OldPunk is addressing himself is black Americans generally:

A really good read…

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Women’s Right to Vote…..

When women received the right to vote they were going to change the world. Why if women had the right to vote wars would end and children would be looked after. I’m 56 years old and the United States has been at War overtly or covertly since my birth. Seems the right of women and blacks to vote has resulted in the same old agenda never missing a beat.

The candidates of the 2004 election were both men, they were related and they were members of a Harvard Club, The Skull & Bones.

Today Hillary Clinton is running as her husband hangs out with President George Herbert Walker Bush. The other candidate is Barack Obama who is cousin to both Dick Cheney and George Walker Bush. It’s a family and friends plan that has been maintained before and after the women vote and the black vote.

I was hopeful that things would change with the grass roots but then again I was young and foolish. While I saw early on that the free love, pro-sovereignty movement of the early 1960’s had been orchestrated by CIA infiltrators and operations one would have at least thought the honest individuals would have accomplished something. All that is left over from the movement is the use of CIA drugs and CIA influenced free love.

The only thing we have from the 1960’s Peace Movement is sex, drugs, rock and roll. How disgusting. How demeaning and how totally worthless.

We concentrate on sports, evening soap operas and have become drugged out, sexed up, war mongering drones of the spectacle.

Unfortunately George Walker Bush represents this generation rather well.

The so called Peace Movement was nothing more than the introduction of drugs, demeaning free sex with no responsibility with rock and roll as the soundtrack to this horror show filled with war after war of destruction, domination and greed.

Those who claimed the right of women to vote or the right of blacks to vote or the youth vote was gonna change things were wrong. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are the choices of 2008. Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich the real peace candidates were quickly ignored and eliminated. Such is the conditioned mind of modern day voters.

Those who have kept reading this post are America’s only hope. It is time for reality to establish itself in our affairs of state. It’s time for America to fulfill its dreams and reject the false profits of hope offered us by the Hidden Hand, their embedded media and Entertainment divisions of Hollywood. It is time for our own media and our own message.

A real grass roots movement. We must keep Internet and the World Wide Web open and net neutral so that the flow of data from person to person gets through undistorted, unfiltered, uncensored and unrestricted. That is the real people’s ‘UN’ agenda.

We can no longer count on the vote of men, women, blacks, or youth. We must count on our direct sovereign action. Such has been and will continue to be the only hope for a better world. Sovereignty is a natural born individual right. Don’t let the Hidden Hand take it from you.

Together we keep hope alive,


Your ipod Can Put Movies on Your TV

I bought a Homedock for my ipod. My Homedock allows me to hook my ipod up to my TV. Whatever I have on my ipod, audio or video I can play on my TV. I’ve downloaded free public domain movies to my Macbook then uploaded these free public domain movies to my ipod. I then watched them on my TV through my Homedock hook up.


Say No to Satan……….

\Say No to Satan\

If You’re Wondering Why People Refuse To Think For Themselves….

Ever wonder why Christians, Muslims, Jews. Mormons, and Scientologist refuse to think for themselves?

It’s quite simple really. People turn to Satanic god religion because people will tell you that if they must die, they’d rather die in their sleep. Satan has agreed to put them to sleep, the only price to pay is independent sovereign thought and of course the one thing spiritual Satan seeks, your ever lasting soul (house of your spirit).

All these sovereigns dying never to have questioned anything. They drive cars simply because it can be trained to them. They never will invent a car or think any thought for that matter. They are human chattle, beasts of burden content to amuse themselves to death. They have not evolved. As a matter of fact monkeys and apes evolved from Christians, Muslims, Jews. Mormons, Scientologist and the others 5,000 different religions of the bicameral mind.

evolved thinking opens up the world to a closed dogmatic satanic mind,

Worship Satan No Longer ?

Welcome Atheist !!!

Satanic Jesus

Victory in Iraq….

If we win any more in Iraq there will be thousand more dead soldiers and we’ll be $6 trillion in debt. If this is Washington DC idea of Victory I’d hate to see their idea of defeat!


If This is Victory in Iraq

What Does Defeat Look Like?


Chelsea @ Butler Slams Questioner…

Asshole Chelsea

Chelsea Clinton Smacks Down Butler Univ. Student: Lewinsky “None Of Your Business”

linked from crooks and Liars – wordpress

My Comment.

Has anyone asked Chelsea Clinton why she isn’t fighting in Iraq. A police action her mother voted for and continues to vote to fund ??? Chelsea has went about her life as if Iraq isn’t happening. Going to University, walks on the beach and pursuing her career with time to take off and tour the US for her mother.Billy Bush is the host of a TV gossip show while others are fighting in Iraq.

Is this how to protect America from Terrorism??

WoW, the arrogance of these people.

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