Even Jesus Doesn’t Want To Comment On This Blog | Currently Chicago

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Great article. Must read for all critical thinkers..

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Editorial: Media Bias of Fox News

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I’m not shocked or surprised that Fox News has a bias. What is shocking about Fox News is that the audience believes Fox News is God inspired. Fox News viewer never question Fox News bias, Fox News Reporting or Fox News opinion. Fox News is always Right. Of course Fox News is always Right Wing but Fox News viewers believe Fox News takes Fox News Propaganda as gossple. Fox News views beleive Fox News is heaven sent into a world of Devils [those who dare question Big Brother JehovahGod]


it’s a shame as many Fox News views are smart intelligent people who willingly dumb themselves down to participate in the preaching Fox News worldview. Fox News is the ‘Ministry of Truth’ in the Network of JehovahGod’s Big Brother Government Agenda.



2013: The Internet of things, delivered via smartphone

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Guest Post Virtually every electronic device has now gained a smartphone controlled equivalent over the past year.

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the CyberInterNetics Agenda is one year closer to fulfillment. 2013 rolls on…

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CDE Help team | Diabetes Support

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Get information on blood sugar control from our team of clinical experts. Sign up for online education sessions and get questions answered by a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) LIVE on webcam.

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Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

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Cindy Sheehan has maintained her peace stance even when POTUS Obama became the warmonger. Cindy Sheehan has never backed away from her peace activism and continues to be active in the struggle for human rights. Go Cindy!!!!!

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Google+ Local Replaces Google Places: What Local Businesses Should Know

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Learn about the death of Google Places for local businesses, and how Google+ is being used to replace it.

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An article well worth a read. imho

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Julie Zickefoose on Blogspot: Zick Dough, Improved

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i’ve got to try this new recipe. The article mentions it is best to stop feeding this suet when it starts gettng warm in spring and during the warm, hot summer days. Duh!


I feed the birds during the winter so they’ll stick around to eat the insects in the Spring and Summer! Birds are a get defense against garden bug pests as well as mosquitoes. I veiw feeding them during the winter as pay to work hard eating garden pest bugs and mosquitoes during the Spring and Summer months. I also enjoy the entertainment of song birds singing. It’s win-win.


The birds in our yard are dining on the crabapples that we left for them. We had a huge harvest and left some crabapples on the tree for the birds and squirrels to enjoy. 😉


I’m lookng into purchasing some berry bushes of some kind for next year that will help winter neighborhood birds. The more natural berry bushes and other winter grain sources the less money needed to spend on seeds and other bird food.


Do you feed your backyard birds during the winter? Does your landscape provide shelter and food for your local birds? Birds provide so much enjoyment and work to eat the insects that live on your property. So birds are not just beautiful to look at, wonderful to hear sing, birds are also work animals that eat weed seeds, insects and other pests.


Take care and enjoy the wild nature all around as we put nature to work for us as well… 😉





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