Editorial: Sarah Palin, Fred Phelps, Unfiltered Christian Hate

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Christians have always used baptism as torture. We sinners are bound for the “Lake of Fire” where we will be immersed infinitely, tortured forever. Sarah Palin is simply speaking without the filter of Christian codewords. Reminds me of another unfiltered Christian Fred Phelps. 


Editorial: Our New Woodchipper

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We bought a SC3206 3 Inch Chipper/Shredder from our local dealer. They were having a sale that included a free small chain saw with the purchase of the chipper shredder. That was nice.


We picked up our new wood chipper yesterday. All this rain we’ll have to wait to cut down the trees we need to clear out. No worry. We’re replacing most of the trees with fruit trees & native berry producing hedges for bird habitat & natural food source.


We let our 3/4 acre property build up trees which are now shading our garden spot too much and taking valuable sunlight & water from the garden as well. 


The squirrels hiding walnuts in the ground for winter has given growth to five or six walnut trees we’ll leave standing. I don’t know where the squirrels found acorns but we now have a oak tree growing on our property as well. I plant to move it this spring. Right now it’s growing next to the purple grape vines. 


Temporary shade | Garden Gate eNotes

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Don’t lose seedlings or transplants to too much sun! Just make a protective panel, like the one at left, with a piece of shade cloth and a section of coated wire fence.


Cut the amount of cloth needed to cover the area, and then cut a piece of wire fencing that’s 2 inches wider on all sides. Lay both of these flat, with the fabric pulled taut on top, and then fold the cut wire over the cloth’s edge. You can even poke each wire through the fabric and bend it back, so it lays flat against the rest of the fencing, so the two are attached on all sides.


Then stand, lean or prop your shade panel around a planting or wedge it between edging for instant coverage — it’s easy to move around as needed.

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Kp OOPS Update… The “BUSTED! Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Before Landing” Post has been BUSTED…

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The post from yesterday, “BUSTED! Pilot Forgets To Turn Off CHEMTRAILS Before Landing”, has been busted, as well (at least to the extent that I can see). Thanks to Thomas (maddtom) on FaceBook, who…

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How long do hard drives actually live for? | ExtremeTech

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For more than 30 years, the realm of computing has been intrinsically linked to the humble hard drive. Given our exceedingly heavy reliance on hard drives, and their key role in the expansion of personal computing and cloud storage, it’s very, very weird that one piece of vital information still eludes us: How long does a hard drive last?

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Tweet from @Chordmun420

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9to5Mac – Google+ – Skype brings free group video calling back to the Mac (and…

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You may recall Skype debuted a very useful (and social) feature for Mac way back in 2010: group video calling. Specifically, the feature was in a public beta stage with widespread testing thus carried a price tag of $0 with idea being it would eventually…

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