School Shootings…

Perhaps children will stop killing children when adults stop solving their problems by killing each other. Eh?


How Sweet It Is…

You won’t be told this by puppets like Obama, Hillary or McCain. The System is an inside job (The election is rigged) Did you really think they were going to give us the most powerful means of communication and let us roam freely?

Just like a soap opera on Television a new character is introduced and the public loves the new character so they give the new character the main storyline to take advantage of the ratings increase all the while the same writers are writing the script they just have a new character to move the script forward. As far as the Hidden Hand Agenda whatever puppets gets the agenda done is the one that moves ahead of the pack. Since all the players have been hand picked the Hidden Hand doesn’t care which of their puppets you pick as long as its one of their puppets you follow.

As with the TV show American Idol. The judges pick their chosen 24 which the public then get to choose from but regardless of which of the 24 win they were hand picked by the three judges of the show. The show wins regardless of who is crowned American Idol. Youve watched te show, seen the advertisers messages which is the real purpose of American Idol and TV, not picking a star for you, though it is nice they then sell you this Idol over and over again.

As one of their entertainment puppets used to say,
How Sweet it is !!!” (Jackie Gleason),

Too Much TV ?

When people start exiting out of your tv it might be wise to cut back a bit on your viewing hours.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay…

End of World…

Was 9-11 An Inside Job ?

Tunnel Vision


If you do not perfer the traditional offer of a male pyschopath please feel free to vote for pyschopath Hillary instead. We offer you choice of puppets cause you seem to perfer it that way.

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