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Don’t Go Insane, Learn to Laugh

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Secrets of the Mumbai Terror Attacks

Host James Haarp
Cosmic Horizons

Every other Wednesday 8:00pm (live on The New Cosmic Horizons Show. Conspiracy internet radio host James Haarp and co-host, the info and intelligence warrior The George uncover the supressed media the others don’t tell you about!

Tune in before we all get “Tuned Out”!
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November 26:

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The troika of conspiracy hosts join up to close the Cosmic Horizons session. On the horizon Obama, the state of the economy, the secrets behind the Mumbai terror attacks. Three of Indias top cops are killed. One worked for a shadowy Austrian Police Intelligence network. One was a gunslinger extraordinaire encounter cop. Did the Indian Navy attack the wrong ship last week? Are there false flags? You bet! Stay tuned below.

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Hidden Hand – Final Solution

There needs to be addressed  more data on the Hidden Hand Final Solution for us in the general population. As long as the general population believe they are going to be slaves they won’t care.

The truth is as soon as the Hidden Hand can replace all human labor with Digital Technology they won’t need us as slaves anymore. Therefore they plan to implant us with chips that have a ‘kill switch’.

When they reach the point they no longer need human labor they will declare a bird flu or some small neutron bomb explosion in an area and the general population will blame a terrorist attack such as was done on 9-11.

The truth will be that the Hidden Hand will have pulled the chip’s ‘kill switch’ and killed everyone in an area. They could also say their is a plague that is infecting certain bio types and they can pull a individuals embedded brain chip ‘kill switch’.

We in the general population are not going to survive this final phase of the agenda. They are to eliminate us. They have warned us of their intent with their boy Adolph and the Nazi surfacing of a group of scouts to check the ability of propaganda, which was successful, in Germany, in England, and in the United States.

The agenda is not slavery as in ‘1984’ nor a ‘Brave New World’ rather total extermination of everyone in the general population.

Only 144,000 of blood related ruthless psychopathic cold blooded killers will remain. The predictive programming of Star Trek, Star Wars and ‘1984’ is the big lie that we will survive.

This moment is our last stand,
Electronic Engineer

Bill Joy – Wired Magazine – “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us”.

We still have time, the clock is ticking, united in cooperation we can overcome. Independent self reliant local groups networking together with no head organization. A loose band of activists with brave hearts and individual cognitive minds. We must do it, not because it must be done, we must do it because it is our only option.

Wall Street Coup D��tat

We were originally told that the whole problem was a sub prime mortgage problem. Unfortunately this is a LIE. The amount of all sub prime mortgages in America is $1.3 trillion Dollars. But the bailouts are already $8.5 trillion Dollars and growing daily. Why do you need $8.5 trillion to fix a $1.3 trillion problem?
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Madoff and US Government Run Ponzi Schemes…

Financial Sense

In Madoff We Trust

by Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital | December 17, 2008


As the multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme orchestrated by Wall Street insider Bernard Madoff unravels in the media spotlight, the nation is being presented with a rare opportunity to understand the true nature of many of our most cherished financial structures. Hopefully we have the wisdom to connect the dots.

Although the $50 billion loss engineered by Madoff is truly a staggering accomplishment (and was done using old-fashioned fraud rather than the mathematical wizardry that has characterized Wall Street’s recent larcenies) the size of the scheme pales in comparison to the multi-trillion dollar Ponzi structures run by the United States government. In fact, rather than looking to jail Madoff, President-elect Obama should consider making him our new Treasury Secretary. If not that, at least make him the czar of something!

Madoff’s inspiration came from Charles Ponzi, the Italian-born American immigrant who promoted an investment plan in the early 1900s’ that traded postal coupons. Rather than paying investors from legitimate investment returns, Ponzi hit upon the innovative idea of paying out early investors with money collected from new investors. By creating an illusion of success, interest in his investment plan ballooned. Over time the schemes have become known by many other names, such as chain letters or pyramid schemes. They are united by the fact that they always fail in the end.

When the influx of new investors inevitably slows to the point where distributions to current investors can no longer be maintained, investors look to withdraw funds. When this happens, the entire structure falls apart. The profits received by those who “invested” early as well as any funds skimmed off by the promoter, are offset by all the losses of those who came late to the party.

To a large extent, the same concept has driven the major asset bubbles of the last decade. Given the ridiculously high valuations seen by tech stocks and real estate during their respective booms, the only way the bubbles could be perpetuated was if newer “investors” could be found to pay even more outrageous prices (the greater fool). But when these new buyers balked, the whole structure crumbled. Although there was no Ponzi or Madoff to orchestrate these manias, the entire financial and economic apparatus of the country had successfully convinced the public that “investments” in tech stocks and condominiums were bullet proof and that the supply of new buyers was endless.

Unfortunately, the Ponzi economy doesn’t stop there. A chain letter is no more viable when run by governments than when run by private citizens. However, government orchestrated pyramids have the advantage of required participation. As a result, they can maintain the illusion of viability for several generations. But the longer such schemes operate the larger will be the losses when they ultimately collapse.

We Are Completely Immersing Ourselves Voluntarily in THE MATRIX….

We Are Completely Immersing Ourselves Voluntarily in THE MATRIX apparently without so much as a second thought.

A way to give your stuff wireless IDs

Companies such as Wal-Mart and Procter and Gamble and the US government dream of what they call the Internet of Things, in which every manufactured object is tagged and tracked via radio frequency identification technology.

n other words, just as you can quickly find individual photos, videos, and blog posts on the Web, physical objects will one day become completely “visible” in cyberspace.

Corporations and the feds can already locate an RFID-tagged item anywhere in the supply chain, from the factory to the dumpster, provided they have enough reader devices along the way to detect the object. Now the Parisian company Violet is promoting the Internet of Things idea to consumers, with a cute new RFID reader for the home.

The Mir:ror, due out this week, is a hip-looking device you plug into your computer that makes your tagged car keys or paperweights into application-and-content-launching doodads.

The folks at Violet believe humans “were born on the wrong side of the (computer) screen” to experience much of the Internet’s magic.

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