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There’s something about the annual Conservative Political Action Committee’s annual convention that just draws out the ugly eliminationists. Every year it’s someone — usually Ann Coulter — wishing aloud that someone would just blow away or lock up liberals and minorities en masse. This year it’s John Bolton:

He [Obama] said during the campaign that Iran was a tiny threat. Tiny depending on how many nuclear weapons they ultimately are able to deliver on target. Tiny compared to the Soviet Union, but is the loss of one American city — pick one at random: Chicago — is that a tiny threat?

As Think Progress notes:

The audience erupted in cheers and laughter at the idea of Obama’s home city being obliterated.

It’s nice to see they’ve expanded their targets. When right-wingers wish aloud for terrorists to obliterate an American city, it’s usually San Francisco.

Editor’s Note; As I’ve posted before, Christians hate the United States of America. They seek to turn it into the Christian Dominionist Kingdom.


Obama’s Stimulus Locks In Control by Monsanto/BigAgri

Obama’s Stimulus Locks In Control by Monsanto/BigAgri
Obama must be held accountable.
The bum’s rush is not grassroots anything.
The implementation of plans laid during Bush’s regime is not change.
This, no matter how you cut is, is fascist.

by Linn Cohen-Cole February 17, 2009

I have written here many times about NAIS and now the Obama
government, having promised people would have 60 days to comment,
having promised transparency, having promised it was in support of small
farmers, is pushing through as rapidly as humanly possible, bills that will
mean the end of organic farming.

How? By Monsanto entering into the body of organic farming like a
disease and morphing organic farms into industrial facilities, the farmer
being forced to “treat” the land with chemicals and the animals with
drugs, trapped into paying for what is unwanted, unsafe, unneeded,

This is monopoly at the most extreme degree – not just unfair competition
but total control of every aspect of the competition to the degree of
making them laborers for the monopoly.

2,009 Years of End Times…

Every generation of christian dominionist believe they are living in the ‘end times’. This has been going on for 2,009 years. Generation after generation wasting their time pretending it is the ‘end time’. It has gotten so bad for these delusional losers that most of them have decided they are damn well tired of waiting for GOD to get himself together so they are banding together to bring about the ‘end time’ themselves. Thus even though their bible which they say they believe is their God’s word says that GOD will bring on the ‘end time’ in his own time, the followers of Jesus are simply tired of waiting. Thus instead of waiting for their God Concept to establish a Jewish Jerusalem the christians did it themselves. Even though it is totally against their religion they are tired of waiting on their God Concept.


While their bible declares that no man, nor any angel in heaven knows the hour of the ‘end time’ almost all of the Christian leaders say they in fact do know this is the ‘end time’. That’s right. Christian leaders are claiming they know they are in the ‘end time’ even though the document they claim their God Concept wrote says that no one knows when the ‘end time’ will happen. Basically because no one can know the mind of a God and what it is thinking. But no matter, its not like christians give a shit what their bible says anyway.

The Christian bible has Jesus who should know about such things saying not to pray in public. Yet christians have dedicated their lives to this very objective to make public rayer a sign of a good christian. How going against Jesus wishes is Christian is one I’ve never figured out but then anyone can call themselves a christian, and most that I know do.

Jesus said not to pray for things yet today’s christians who claim to follow this man who said not to pray for things are constantly testifying that their prayer for things is answered by their God Concept. Why would God answer a prayer for things if Jesus was sent to tell people not to pray for things. It is a simple answer. Christians are full of shit and they know it, and continue to fling it even when they are told about it. The Christian leaders know there’s a good living to be had with this shit and for some reason, unlike other aspects of our lives of harmful shit, this shit christian leaders peddle is still legal.

So much for a celebration that we live in the twenty-first century.

This post could go on and on about the contradictions and plain old obvious bullshit though one of my christian friends told me she talked to her preacher and was told not to care what Jesus says in the bible about public prayer, her church wanted public prayer and that was that. I asked her who she followed her preacher or Jesus. She just muttered to herself and walked away.

Common sense and reason are wasted on these psuedoChristians. There’s not an honest follower of Jesus among them.

2.009 years of ‘end times’. That’s quite a long while. Each generation sold the myth that they are the lucky ones and each generation falls for the scam.

What a world, what a world,


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