Sarah Palin’s Demon Filled World….

MY Comment, Editorial:

Sarah Palin and her associates are isolated up there in Alaska away from the mainland of the 48 United States and perhaps certain elements in Alaska conveniently forget they are part of the United States, except of course they spend the Federal money they get.

Fortunately perhaps with election 2008 Sarah Palin can finally be seen by her supporters in Alaska for the public serpent that she is…


Imagine a movement, predicated on the notion that our world is swarming
with demon spirits, witches and ‘spirits of witchcraft’ that is obsessed
with driving out those demons, spirits and witches because then crime and
societal disorders of all sort will cease, garden vegetables will grow to
enormous size, and declining coral reefs will miraculously regrow.

Palin’s Prayer Warfare Network Fights D.C.’s Freemasonry Demons
By Bruce Wilson Thu Oct 30, 2008 at 09:38:15 PM EST

Imagine a religious movement that declares adherents of all competing religions and belief systems to be under demonic influence and maintains that an entire generation of its members will soon rise up, supernaturally equipped, to purify the Earth of evil and “take back the land” for God.

Imagine a mass movement in America today which teaches its members they can perform miracle healings and raise the dead, whose leaders have praised the work of death squads operating in Central America.

Imagine the movement’s leaders advocate seizing the wealth of the “godless” and call that “wealth transfer”.

Imagine one of the top movement leaders says New York City is especially infested with powerful demon spirits.

Imagine top movement leaders boast their prayers may have helped kill Mother Theresa and that they say Catholic prayers don’t go to Heaven.

Imagine they send prayer warfare teams out to Israel, because they think government there is the gateway to the mind of Satan.

Imagine that team also goes to Washington D.C. to fight demons of Freemasonry, hovering over the city, that were spawned from an evil, occult masonic plot perpetrated by George Washington and other founding fathers.

Imagine this paranoid and demon-infested ideology, made-in-America, is being exported in the form of  books and by missionaries and is  contributing to a rising climate of fear, in a number of African countries, that inspires mobs to roam at night and slaughter elderly women and men accused of being witches.

Imagine the movement is developing emergency response teams and developing partnerships with Homeland Security and FEMA, and that its members are advising teen suicide prevention policy and integrating themselves into government services of all sorts.

Imagine that here and there its members have started mapping out in urban areas, such as around the University of Pittsburgh, demon influence street by street and block by block. Imagine movement apostles have delegated to county leaders the responsibilty of mapping the demons of Georgia.

Imagine this is a rapidly growing, global movement which could have a few hundred million members.

Imagine that, three years ago, a top leader and inspirational figure in the movement, who fights witches, endorsed, and blessed against “spirits of witchcraft”, a woman who is now a GOP Vice Presidential Candidate, who  stands a chance, in a week, of becoming, as Vice President, a heartbeat away from the Presidency of the most powerful country on Earth.

Imagine that another top leader in the movement, also a self-professed witch fighter, says the candidate joined her prayer warfare group almost 2 decades ago.

Imagine that, eight years ago, the Vice Presidential candidate, then a mayor, borrowed an inspirational witch and demon-fighting how-to video. Imagine we know this because an AP reporter found her thank-you note, to her former pastor, for the loan of the video.

Imagine that about two weeks ago on a Colorado radio show the candidate thanked networks of prayer warriors across the nation.

Imagine that last summer she gave a graduation speech, before a class of students who had just earned a 3 year degree in prophecy, Biblical scripture memorization, leadership, “authority”, and prayer warfare.

Imagine students in that program go on pilgrimages to religious centers where they learn about how to prophesy, how to do miracle healing and how to raise the dead, where they’re told they will form an end time army to cleanse the Earth of all evil for all time.

Imagine that candidate, last summer, dedicated the State of Alaska to God.

Imagine her name is Sarah Palin.


What is spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare, and who are these prayer warriors of the US Global Apostolic Prayer Network and the Transformations videos?  What is the impact of spiritual warfare for those who do not belong to this movement? The researchers who worked on the articles in the series Palin’s Churches and the Third Wave, have compiled a report to answer these questions, including who and what the prayer warriors are fighting against, and how they are using the ideas of the Transformation videos to bring this fight to your community. The report is titled “Spiritual Mapping and Spiritual Warfare – Muthee and the Transformations Franchise,” and includes more than one hundred links to sources.

See here for 36 page report on Sarah Palin’s religious movement:
Part One

A PDF file version of the full report is available at this link or this link.

The report includes details on:

-Apostle led emergency services with Homeland Security and FEMA partnerships

-Prophecy and prayer based policing, suicide prevention, and other social services

-Spiritual mapping of demon strongholds at major monuments and buildings in the U.S.

-Conventions on “wealth transfer” and “wealth release” to plan for the money that the prayer warriors expect to get from Satan and the ungodly.

– The repentance of generational curses to help evangelize Native Americans

-National political figures on phone calls and at conferences with New Apostolics to discuss converting Jews, ending droughts, and more

-Strategic outlines for taking control of society and government in Austin, Texas and other communities.

-Prophecy chants used to try to affect the outcome of the election.

-Description of their battles against the major demon, the Queen of Heaven, that they believe prevents Roman Catholics from being evangelized.

-Declaration against the major axis of evil that they believe resides in the Israeli Supreme Court and Knesset.

-Spiritual warfare excursions to attack these major demons, with one excursion reported as having perhaps helped kill Mother Theresa

-Spiritual warfare campaigns in Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Uganda, Kenya, and more.

-Spiritual mapping to locate demon strongholds in locations including Jerusalem, Strasbourg, Pittsburgh, University of Texas, Chennai, India and more.


GOP Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin may be unique in the history of contemporary American national politics both for her association with “witch hunting” (literal as opposed to figurative).

But beyond witch hunting, Palin is  closely tie to a movement transforming Christianity into a global franchise of relational networks, apostles, prophets and prayer warriors, that professes to fight demonic spirits but appears aimed at social, ideological and religious cleansing.

Dubbed The New Apostolic Reformation, it is a movement growing, coalescing, and pulling membership away from more orthodox forms of Christianity at an astonishing rate. Leading perhaps the biggest block in the movement, with what some claim to be up to 100 million followers, is a grandfatherly man with a goatee named C. Peter Wagner.

Wagner has sent his top prayer generals, of the Eagles’ Vision Apostolic Team (EVAT), to battle what his people claim to be satanic demons of Freemasonry, hovering over Washington D.C., that were born from an occult masonic plot carried out by George Washington and other founding fathers.

Also under Wagner, EVAT has also traveled to Israel and conducted reconnaissance on the Knesset, the seat of the Israeli Parliament. In a report on the trip, a team leader described the Knesset as a gateway to the mind of Satan.

On July 13, 2008, an Alaskan woman named Mary Glazier told attendees at a religious conference near Seattle that Palin joined Glazier’s prayer group in 1989, when Palin was 24.

Glazier’s group soon evolved into a prayer-warfare group and sometime in the early 1990’s that group was absorbed into a budding national, then international, entity called the “Spiritual Warfare Network” and Glazier became the network’s Alaska state director.

In 1995 Glazier’s Alaska prayer-warriors mounted effort to drive an employee in the Alaska State prison system, a chaplain alleged to be a witch, from her job with “prayer warfare”.

In the late 1990’s, the prayer warfare network, now global, began to interlock with other rapidly coalescing national, then international networks – coalitions of “apostles” and councils of “prophetic elders” – all under the ideological imperative of something called “spiritual warfare”.

Organizing and forging ideas that drove the movement was man who bore an uncanny resemblance to the late fried-chicken tycoon “Colonel” Harland Sanders. A church-growth specialist, C. Peter Wagner has plied his considerable enteprenurial talents into remaking Christianity and steering away from traditional concerns about peace and social justice, towards a preoccupation with an outward goal cleansing the earth of evil by battling witchcraft and demon spirits but what seeks to impose absolute ideological unity.

In the 1990’s, Wagner and Ted Haggard co-founded the World Prayer Center, in Colorado Springs.

Thomas Muthee was serving on the World Prayer Center’s International Advisory Board in 1997 when  the center’s Special Task Coordinator, a Mexican former Voodoo priestess gone Christian, Ana Mendez, received an inspiration, in a dream, that led her to plan a prayer-warfare expedition to Mount Everest.

“Operation Ice Castle” was to battle, and hopefully destroy, a global demon spirit, centered over the mountain, that blocks prayers of Catholics and Muslims from getting to Heaven. Afterwards, Mendez claimed the expedition’s prayer warfare may have helped to cause the death of Mother Theresa.

In 2000, according to her Wasilla mayoral records, Palin wrote a thank you note, to a former pastor, for the loan of an inspirational, “how to” book on fighting witches that had come out in 1999 and which explained how to conduct “spiritual mapping” and “spiritual warfare.”

It was one of the “Transformations” videos, little known outside certain Christian circles but viewed by millions internationally.  Acting in the first video of the series, telling about how he successfully fought a witch, was Thomas Muthee.

The Transformation series made Muthee an international celebrity among many of the hundreds of millions of charismatic and Pentecostal Christians worldwide.

In October 2005, Thomas Muthee blessed and endorsed Sarah Palin as a political leader, in a special ceremony at the Wasilla Assembly of God in Wasilla, Alaska.

This October, 2008, Sarah Palin thanked prayer warriors across the nation during a radio interview with Focus On The Family head Dr. James Dobson.

Next week she could become the Vice President Elect of the United States.

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Vote for Obama and Go to Hell……

TFN Daily News Clips

“To all those who name the name of Christ who plan to willfully disobey Him by voting for Obama, take warning. Not only is our nation in grave danger, according to the Word of God, so are you.”

— Janet Porter, president of the far-right Faith2Action and author of The Criminalization of Christianity, warning voters that they will be divinely punished if they vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

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ANP is dispatching its reporters to Birmingham, AL; Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; New York, NY; Columbus, OH; Richmond, VA; and Palm Beach, FL for Election Day 2008.

ANP reporters will be looking for incidents of voter fraud, electioneering, polling place violations, historic turnout or anything newsworthy or unusual. In addition, we will be filing reports on reactions from voters of all demographic backgrounds as to the importance of this historic election day. We will be filing a second batch of election stories after the results come in late Tuesday and early Wednesday morning.

Most of our reports will be natural sound, vox pop reactions and breaking news with no narration. We are doing this so our web and television distribution partners can run the reports as is or edit them for their newscasts. Re-edit them, mash them up, embed them on your site – use them as you see fit. Please remember ANP’s video and footage is available for free to anyone to broadcast.

All stories will be posted on our site as they are filed. However, if you would like breaking news alerts of all of our election day stories delivered to your inbox, please sign up below.

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New Free Audios…

Check out my free audio wordpress blog of mostly political audio @ http//

You’ll hear different audios from around the Web.

The Crack-Up Boom (Part XI)

The Crack-Up Boom (Part XI)

28 October 2008 – Ty Andros, Managed Futures & Alternative Investment Specialist

We are nearing the first crescendo of the unfolding Crack-up Boom….

Incomes are COLLAPSING throughout the G7 and much of the world.
The finest assets on the planet are about to land into NEW hands as their
current owners were, as Warren Buffet puts it, “swimming naked when
the tide went out”, and now they will pay the ultimate price of
surrendering their most valuable possessions and businesses for pennies
on the dollar.

Make no mistake, it has been done intentionally by the banking cartels
which own and control the Federal Reserve and have done this according
to a well worn playbook. That the public is REPLACING worthless coupons,
called G7 currencies, with their own future earnings
is “right by the
playbook”, for to them money is easily replaced by the stroke of a
keyboard. Even King Midas would have been jealous.

Since the beginning of September, up to over 7 trillion dollars, Pounds,
Euros, Swiss Francs, Aussie Dollars, Korean Won, etc. have been printed
out of thin air and the bill for them has been sent to you and your

Perpetual slavery of inextinguishable debt brought to you by your public
servants and their partners in the international banking cartels. When
crisis appears, you are in the most danger you can imagine and this time
is no different, as they use FEAR (false evidence appearing real) to “save”
you from their MALFEASANCE and corruption.

This current crisis was manufactured in Washington DC and its BIGGEST
campaign supporters on WALL STREET. Even today after all the losses,
the greatest money being spent in the elections which loom are from
WALL STREET and the commercial banks. The economic rescue plan is
none of the sort. It is a rolling up of the banking system by the public
serpents and the banking industries they are rescuing.

The idea that people can’t survive unless they can BORROW money is
obscene and nothing less then modern day serfdom. They have placed
the public out on a limb to which only they hold the solution, and
what is that: BORROW MORE MONEY, go further out on the limb.

Virtually the entire public is out on this limb. With the banking industry
putting itself in the position of saying BORROW more or we will saw it off
and down you will go. People make terrible choices when faced with this,
and in this case they are blaming the system rather then those who run
and operate it.

Who are they? They are public servants and the banking elites. Why do
they insist on lending to the POOR? Why to control them of course
, and
create crisis which allows them to run amok at the impoverished public’s
behest. It’s called supporting the devil.

Do you know why politicians, the main stream press and bankers HATE
Capitalism? Because Capitalism is the road to individual freedom. It is the
road to “more for less” of everything you consume, it is the road to rising
middle classes, it is the road to your children having a better life than you
have had.

No better way to debauch Capitalism than to debase the currency as
getting ahead becomes impossible, they then deflect the blame to culprits
other then themselves.
It is how they have destroyed you by destroying
the conditions for entrepreneurs and small business owners to rise up and
destroy entrenched big businesses and crony capitalists who have bought
off the politicians who always stand for “less of everything for more
money”. The G7 is about to become another casualty of these would-be
fascist dictators and socialists.

The political classes are in ascension into dictatorships; the next Hitler
looms directly ahead as the public is impoverished through the coming
hyperinflation and collapsing wealth creation, personal incomes and
business and economic output. As economic output falls the printing
presses and credit creation will substitute with the bill sent to YOU!

The G7 publics are functionally illiterate. They can read and write but
cannot think as they are ignorant of history, logic and common sense
having never been taught these things by the PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

George Orwell’s 1984 and ANIMAL FARM has ARRIVED.

This is a sad fact, but for prepared investors it is the greatest opportunity
in history as the greatest transfer of wealth in history unfolds, from those
that hold their wealth in paper to those that don’t
. Most of the biggest
money in the world is caught OFFSIDES as the bankers repossess the
REAL assets their owners’ default on.

The big money of the world has bought the bonds and both parties will be
left BROKE and then the G7 central banks print the money, issue bonds to
the respective G7 governments to SAVE you and the financial system but
putting the public in hock for the bill (perpetual inextinguishable debt).

The public are the patsies and the perpetrators in the banking systems
and respective governments are insidious, immoral and despicable,
consumed by greed and the desire for power over others.


See the megaphone formation? It is called a Wolf Wave. We are at a
fairly good level of profits now. But it projects a nuclear winter in
corporate profits dead ahead.

From Record highs never seen in fifty years, to record lows also not seen
in the same period, below the lows of 2001-2002. This chart is a
testament to how fiat money and credit creation has made steady growth
and economic stewardship become more and more unmanageable over a
long period of time, it is clear that monetary policy is also following this
wolf wave pattern, either too hot or too cold.

Politicians (and their “something for nothing” constituents) in the western
world see these enormous profits and are set to attack the creators and
holders of this wealth, they want the money and will put in place new
taxes and entitlement mandates to claw back this gusher of wealth,
thereby accelerating the downside of this wave. We all want business
cycles that cleanse past excesses but the up and downs are now out of
control, there is no consistency. No orderly form to the business and
economic cycles, everything now is either booming or busting.

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lSarah Palin Welcomes Muslims To Republican Partyed

American News Project

(Click Graphic for video link)

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McCain Funded Work Of Palestinian His Campaign Hopes To Tie To Obama

McCain Funded Work Of Palestinian His Campaign Hopes To Tie To Obama

via The Huffington Post

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