Rush Limbaugh and I Are Alike, I Didn’t Vote for Reagan and

neither did viagra pill popping unmarried christian conservative republican Rush Limbaugh. That’s right, Limbaugh never voted for Reagan. Why would anyone waste time voiting for such a idiot as Ronald Reagan? Rush Limbaugh was too busy putting his comedy  act together for the EIB network. 😉

Did you know Rush never voted for Ronald Reagan?
The only presidential vote he EVER cast was for a man
he called “a Clinton-clone,” George Herbert Traitor Bush.

Do you know why Rush never voted for Reagan?
Quote: “I didn’t feel like standing in line to register.”

Rush Limbaugh Never Voted for Ronald Reagan and Neither Did I !!

..Now that’s a bumper sticker


A Word to President Obama from Icy Southern Indiana

Dear President Obama,

Call a press conference and tell the people that the State of Emergency conditions in Kentucky and Southern Indiana with 1 million without power is a prime example of the last eight years of crumbling infrastructure brought about by elitist Conservative Republicans.

It’s time we spent money on working class sovereigns,


Obama Waivers…

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As quickly as Obama signs rules that offer strict guidelines he then implements waivers for his buddies and cronies who don’t match the guidelines. Typical politician doublespeak. Tax man who doesn’t pay his taxes, give him a waiver. Yep, the only change Obama seeks to give working sovereigns in the USA is the small change they might get from the crony bail out deals now in progress from Washington DC.

When I voted for Obama I voted for increased crackdown on corruption in politics not waivers for friends, cronies and corporate buddies.

The Rush distraction is most likely to draw attention from the new old double standard. Rush and Obama WWE makes Obama look more liberal. Why, cause Rush says so?

Give us a Break!!

see you in the poor house,


Why Continue to Fund Our Own Demise?

Why do we continue to fund our own demise. We shop the Corporatism Fascist Global Police State Outlets which then fund against working sovereigns everywhere. We need to suspend consumer spending and shop only where decent living wages are paid, worker rights are observed and enforced as well as the sovereign independent individual is shown respect and given the dignity all sovereigns deserve.

LIVE for Dignity and Respect,


MP3 Bloggers, Where Are Your Promo CDs?

According to briefs filed last month by the RIAA and Universal Music Group, it’s illegal to sell, give away, or even throw out “promo CDs.” Of course, this is exactly the argument that UMG made, and lost, in court last year. Despite that loss, and despite the open secret that many music reviewers have been dumping promo CDs in used record stores for years, UMG has opted to appeal. And this time they got the RIAA to weigh in on behalf of the industry, echoing UMG’s view that promo CDs are owned by the labels forever.

So, Stereogum, Idolator, Pitchfork, Gorilla v. Bear, Fluxblog, and (my personal favorite) Large Hearted Boy, are all of you pirates if you can’t account for every promo CD you’ve ever received (you do get them, don’t you)? Not according to the district court that ruled in favor of Troy Augusto, an eBay seller that specializes in selling collectibles, including promo CDs.

Which brings us to UMG’s appeal. Today, with the assistance of the San Francisco law firm of Keker & Van Nest, EFF filed a brief on behalf of Mr. Augusto, explaining why the appeals court should affirm the district court ruling.

Here’s the short version: it’s absurd to suggest that a copyright owner can give away hundreds of thousands of CDs, slap a “not for resale” sticker on them, and claim to own them forever. That’s exactly what the “first sale” doctrine is meant to prevent. After all, if UMG were right, then Hollywood could slap a “not for rental” sticker on DVDs, thereby shutting down video rental businesses like Redbox. And book publishers could slap a “not for library lending” sticker on books. That’s not the law, at least not since 1908, when the Supreme Court ruled against a “may not be sold for less than $1” label in this book.

We don’t expect to get a ruling from the appeals court until sometime next year (the wheels of appellate justice move slowly), but until then, the district court ruling in favor of Mr. Augusto remains the only published ruling addressing whether selling promo CDs is legal. We’re looking forward to the Ninth Circuit upholding it, and letting music reviewers breathe a little easier when they clean out the attic.



Legal Analysis by Fred von Lohmann

January 28th, 2009

Irish ISP Agrees to Three Strikes Against Its Customers

Commentary by Danny O’Brien

While there were rumors today that Comcast and AT&T might be entering into an agreement with the RIAA in the United States, it was in Ireland where the recording industry made its latest “three strikes” subscriber termination deal with the telecom industry — using the courts and the threat of mass Internet filtering obligations as the inducement.

The Irish Recorded Music Industry (IRMA), the local recording industry organization, and Irish internet service provider Eircom announced a settlement this morning, ending a lawsuit in which IRMA was demanding that the ISP pro-actively discriminate content on their networks.

According to a text obtained by Irish tech journalist Adrian Weckler, the settlement says that the ISP will, when given a list of IP addresses by the music industry:

1) inform its broadband subscribers that the subscriber’s IP address has been detected infringing copyright and

2) warn the subscriber that unless the infringement ceases the subscriber will be disconnected and

3) in default of compliance by the subscriber with the warning it will disconnect the subscriber”

In settling, Eircom has chosen not to defend a case which could have ended in court-mandated surveillance of all its customers. But this agreement now denies Eircom’s own customers all future access to due process when accused of infringement. All that is needed to terminate an Internet connection is three accusations from a narrow set of third-party companies. As Eircom’s head of communications Paul Bradley says:

“What happens at the moment is that music labels need to go to court to get an order asking us to shut off a subscriber’s connection. Under the compromise, they will come to us, using the same standard of proof they would have given the court.”

The difference is that an ISP is not a court; and its customers will never have a chance to defend themselves against the recording industry’s accusations and “proof”. To whom, without judicial oversight, has the ISP obligated itself to provide meaningful due process and to ensure that the standard of proof has been met?

The agreement, according to reports, also stipulates that IRMA will take “all necessary steps” to put the same agreements in place with Eircom’s competitors, presumably using the same strategy of threatening the companies with legal action unless they sign up.

Now we’ll see how fiercely other ISPs defend their users’ rights; or, if they do comply, how ISPs enjoy being seen as allies of the recording industry in this famously unpopular war against their own customers.

Secret HP Printer Tracking Codes…

* IN A RECENT REVIEW of the HP Color LaserJET CM3530
printer, the magazine “Government Computer News” called out
the use of tracking codes — which GCN referred to as “a
secret spy program” — as the biggest problem with that
printer. GCN found that the yellow dots produced by this
printer particularly degraded print quality and noted that
some people would question the “logic or appropriateness”
of having printers produce the dots at all. It concluded
that even people who didn’t object to the tracking codes in
principle would regret the poor print quality they produced
in this case. The review also credited EFF for discovering
and exposing this issue.

For the full story:

For more on printer dots:

What A Pitiful Rush (Limbaugh)

Check out this post by illiterate electorate;


My Editorial on the subject ~sj

Suddenly the “Follow the Lead, He’s Our President” crowd finds dissent is the way. WTF? The last eight years Limbaugh and his ditto heads have been asserting that Liberals follow George W. Bush because after all, he’s our President. Yet Rush Limbaugh even before Obama was sworn in as President started the blame game and start complaining.

I too have been on Obama’s case but I haven’t been saying you must shut up about Bush but now you can complain about Obama, which is what assholes like unmarried Viagra user Christian Limbaugh has been doing. Rush Limbaugh wants you to shut up when his politics are in charge yet feels free to complain when he doesn’t get his way. Rush Limbaugh is a mindless, thoughtless spoild child who crys when he doesn’t get his way. As all spoiled chidlren Rush Limbaugh hates to share and will kick and scream and cry loudly when things don’t go his way. Let the temper tantrams begin I say. Let Rush Limbaugh cry and cry some more between taking pain killers, viagra and having unmarried sex with others.

What a cry baby hypocrite Rush Limbaugh is. A neurotic psychotic momma’s little turd. The likes of Rush Limbaugh hate vaginas cause they came out their mother’s ass instead.

Rush Limbaugh became famous as a cry baby and once his politics got the office he became a suck ass.

Asshole born Rush Limbaugh, how pathedic,

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The Dark Hand of History…

ISSUE #11 – The Dark Hand of History

Have you ever wondered who the REAL puppet masters are and where they get their power? Republic Magazine exposes the secret societies that have run America and its politics from the birth of this nation and before. Uncover the sinister links to the top lawmakers and discover who is pulling the strings of the talking heads. Issue features include:Masonry – The Dark Hand of History, The Order of Skull and Bones, The Quigley Formula – G. Edward Griffin, The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, The Bohemian Grove, The New World Order(NWO), Monthly Paul, Constitutional Discipline, Activist Profile, 60 Second Activism and more.

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