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Help Im a Closet Atheist 01/04 by TheThinkingAtheist | Blog Talk Radio

Help Im a Closet Atheist 01/04 by TheThinkingAtheist | Blog Talk Radio.

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You don’t dare tell anyone, but you’re a non-believer.  Family, friends, co-workers and associates are oblivious, yet you ache to break the silence.

Your stories about how and why you’ve remained in the shadows.  Callers may use aliases or no name at all.  Just know that you’re not the only atheist who is weighing the consequences of “coming out.”

The Celtic Rebel

The Celtic Rebel.

Wading in the Drowning Pool [1]

 •August 7, 2011 • 38 Comments

Alex was back on Sunday and we got deep into the tub this time[metaphorically]:

Water, breath and the denial thereof were the focus of this new (for us) topic. It felt the time was right to broach, but it is not one for the meek or traumatized.

The show had a few minor hitches and glitches early on (which, I’ll take part of the blame for), but went commercial-free for the last three hours [downloadable]:

It took a few (days), but the archive is finally aavailable, and I even added a few extra songs to fill up the spaces in between (what Alex would refer to as “ma”).

The topic was, as I suspected, too big for one show, hence there will be a Part II next week.

Christopher Hitchens on Radio Open Source : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Christopher Hitchens on Radio Open Source : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive.

I’ve read ‘God is NOT Great’. Awesome. Wonderful
get your kindle copy here – http://amzn.to/nMBsKm

The Real Cause of U. S. Job Lose..

The real cause of job lose in the Umited States of America is US Workers buying foreign made goods. If US Workers refused to buy foreign products US Corporation could not move their jobs overseas. It’s really that simple.

~plasmaborne (twitter)


Profile of A Greedy Bastard

This Greedy Bastard Profile is from the upcoming Guide: “The Greedy Bastard’s Guide to Government Loopholes (plus other Legal tips & tricks).

A famous actor went on talk show after talk show telling about his love of Arabians horses. Oh yes, he loved them so much. He loved to ride them & he loved to look at them. Guess what?

The Government was giving rich wealthy privileged classes like this actor a big fat Tax Deduction for owning Arabian Horses!!

When the Arabian Horse Tax Shelter was done away with this actor sold his whole stable of Arabian Horses. Lock, stock and barrel! Do you really think the rich were giving their children horses for their birthday for fun? Like most things with these privileged wealth sets, the love of money has eaten away at their empathy and compassion. Even toward their own children!

This is why otherwise well off children grow up to be totally fucked up. They learn their parents are all about the money! Sad really.

that’s the way it is,



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