Editorial: False God Claims

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The sun is here. The moon is here. The stars are here. So the Christians god must claim to have made them.


No claims of creation of things we haven’t already discovered. When and if we come in contact with space aliens Christianity will not have predicted who they are, what they’re like. Nada. The Christian superstition didn’t tell us about automobiles, airplanes, smartphones, rocknroll, hip hop, and I sure would have liked to been warned about having a POTUS GWBush and his Iraq scam. Of course a heads up on the 20008 scam would have been helpful.


Nope, Christianity doesn’t dare claim their God gives them inside information about things we haven’t already thought, invented, discovered and/or explored. Christianity just sits back and takes credit for everything good. Sweet scam. 


And we give this superstition a tax exemption not because it’s true rather simply because of the number of people who Christianity has scammed. God by popular demand. Yep. That’s how we know things by the number of people believe it to be true. The Earth is flat, the sun, the stars, the Universe all revolve around the Earth which was made just for human beings. Two billion people believe it so it must be true. 


The Earth is round, the Earth revolves on it’s axis., stars are billions of light years away, these things aren’t true because the Christian superstition doesn’t believe them to be true. 


We rely on the sense of people still expecting every single day of their lives that a man who if he existed at all died 2,014 years ago but will any day now return and take over the Earth. Excuse me if many of us think this is unFUCKINGbelieveable…


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