Spreaker – When Women Say No

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Politics As Usual on the issue of Rape

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Edward Snowden NBC Interview: “I Was Trained As A Spy” – YouTube

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PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

We don’t trust the Government yet Snowden is a traitor for telling us our Government is spying on us? Snowden has revealed any national security. Any clear thinking critical thinker has already concluded the Government has been spying on us. Snowden just provided verification.


Myself and others have been saying from the beginning of Internet that Internet is a spy network. Why are we on the spy network? Because the Internet is just the latest spy mechanism. Whether you’re on Internet or not, the Government always has spied on U.S. Citizens. If you believe otherwise then so be it. Belief doesn’t change the reasonable assumption based on past and present Government actions.


There are people amongst us who can read between the lines. Every lie in order to be believeable must contain truth. Critical thinkers have learned to take the lies, dissect the lies and expose the truths within.


It used to be in journals such ability to "read between the lines" was called investigative journalism. Something that almost never happens today in the new infotainment business. Instead we get Fox News and CNN. 

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Convert YouTube to MP3 with Album Art & ID3 Tags | Download YouTube Videos

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Editorial: Brute Force

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As humans chose brain power we lost muscle power http://goo.gl/Hnz00B


So the Christian male, hating to think, is attracted to powerful weapons to regain his Ape like strength. That’s why we call brutes apes. Our natural thought process shows us brute force comes at the expense of critical thinkiing.

We end up with fools who choose the attitude that might makes right. Is it any wonder Christians are so fucked up. They teach their children violence isn’t the answer they when their older train them to be as violent as possible. It’s a strategy for a fucked up world. Just look around. 

Editorial: What Kind of Society..

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What kind of society gives tax deductions based simply because many people in our population claim to have an imaginary friend who is dead yet they expect him to return any day now even though he’s been dead for 2,014 years? If he existed at all!!!


And we wonder where the crazy in our society comes from. I think we’ve identified a primary source. 😉

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

The shepherd keeps sheep as a means of monetary exchange. to shear for their wool and kill for their meat. They love mutton.

Obama Proposes New Mortgage Bailout: Tax Banks to Help ‘Responsible’ Homeowners

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President Obama during his State of the Union speech Tuesday debuted a new plan aimed at fixing one part of the housing crisis, saying that he would soon send Congress a bill to help some people refin

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

Bail out the banks. Bail out those who bought more house than they could afford. Screw those who live debt free w/savings&investments.#Bullshit

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Build a $300 greenhouse for year-round gardening | Getoffmoney.com – YouTube

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I was so excited for spring only to be knocked over the head with winter again

PlasmaBorneElectric‘s insight:

WoW. Really amazing. 

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